An illustration of how Tijuana's new sign might look. An illustration of how Tijuana's new sign might look.

Hollywood-like sign to bring some love

Business group wants to erect Tijuana sign on a local hillside

The border city of Tijuana is once again emulating Hollywood, but this time it’s to promote some love for the city.

Inspired by the iconic Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, California, the president of the Tijuana chapter of Canaco, the Mexican Chamber of Commerce, has proposed a similar landmark be erected on the slopes of Colorado hill in the southeastern part of the city.

Mario Escobedo Carignan explained that the sign would be 15 meters high by 80 meters long whose letters would be illuminated with solar-powered lamps whose colors would randomly change.

Escobedo said he is only waiting for the approval of communal landowners to begin the project, which he expects will draw hiking enthusiasts and become a source of pride for the people of Tijuana.

The sign has an estimated cost of 4 million pesos (US $220,000), which will be paid for by the local government and local Canaco members, said Escobedo, who expects construction to be completed in three months.

However, although Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum Buenrostro said that the municipality supports the project, it will not allocate public funds for its construction.

He said the sign is important “because Tijuana needs the love,” and it would create a sense of identity and belonging among the city’s residents. The mayor said Tijuana is a city of migrants and few of those residents were born there.

It is not the first time Tijuana has drawn from a Californian landmark in an attempt to create its own.

The Paseo de las Estrellas, which opened in 2014 on Revolución avenue, is a replica of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. It has been criticized by local business owners and artists, who claim the project is an invasion of space and an imitation of a foreign project in detriment to homegrown ones.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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