The Homer Simpson statue in Orizaba, Veracruz. Vélez, left, and the Homer Simpson statue in Orizaba, Veracruz.

Homer Simpson statue erected in Veracruz

Statue honors the Orizaba-born voice actor who played Homer

Homer Simpson and the man who gave him a Spanish voice now enjoy a place of honor in a city in Veracruz.


Humberto Vélez Montiel, the Mexican voice actor behind the patriarch of The Simpsons family, was named the ambassador of Orizaba to Latin America on Saturday when a statue of Homer Simpson was unveiled in a city park.

Born in Orizaba in 1955, Vélez has earned fame in many Spanish-speaking countries for his decades-long run as Simpson’s voice in the Latin American version of the show.

In recognition, the municipality of Orizaba decided to honor Vélez and present him with a statue of his most famous character.

Mayor Igor Roji López led the event, part of a program in which prominent Orizaba citizens are recognized and their work and achievements acknowledged.

“[Vélez’s] profession has made him known and renowned throughout Latin America,” said the mayor.

As ambassador Vélez will entail narrate a series of advertisements for the municipality using many of the voices he has worked with during his 35-year career.

Source: El Mundo de Orizaba (sp)

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  • Ge0ffrey

    Ay caramba

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  • Howlin’ Man

    I’ve seen several headlines appearing critical of the idea of a statue of Homer Simpson being erected in Orizaba. On the surface it seemed somewhat surreal or even ridiculous – until I read this article to find out “WHY” they did it. Now it makes sense to me… El Cri-Cri is lionized there, and there’s a statue of Alex Lora (from “El Tri”) in Puebla, so why not? I’ve visited Orizaba many times in recent years and have watched “The Simpsons” in Spanish, but I never knew that the voice actor for Homer (for so many years) was from from there. I say more power to Orizaba for promoting Sr. Velez – and themselves – in a very competitive market for tourist’s attention, and for local pride!