Scene of a homicide in Ensenada. Scene of a homicide in Ensenada. el vigía

Homicide numbers way up in Ensenada

66 assassinations in four months. There were 68 during all of last year

A sharp increase in violence in Ensenada launched the Baja California municipality into first place in the state for intentional homicides by the end of March, which was the worst month for violence in 12 years.


As of May 29, there had been 66 assassinations since the beginning of the year, a staggering increase over the 68 recorded in all of last year, which itself was a record.

The state Attorney General’s office said last week that crime numbers are down in Ensenada so far in 2017, but admitted that homicides have increased.

Robbery with violence has declined and vehicle theft has remained about the same as last year, said deputy Attorney General Norma Velázquez Carmona, based in Ensenada.

But Jorge Ramos Hernández, head of the Public Security Commission in the federal Chamber of Deputies, said on Monday that vehicle theft and other crime is also up.

At a meeting with local business operators he expressed support for military intervention. Ramos also lamented that crime suspects are no longer being held in preventative custody due to the new criminal justice system.

Instead they are being released while the cases against them are being processed, allowing them to return to the streets and commit more crimes.


It is a criticism of the new system that has been made elsewhere in Mexico in recent months.

Ensenada business owners met with local authorities three weeks ago to urge that they establish a strategy to put a stop to the increase in violence.

Mayor Marco Antonio Novelo, who has previously blamed murders on disputes between criminal cartels, said high-impact crimes are being committed by criminal elements arriving from Tijuana.

The Attorney General says organized crime is behind 85% of homicides in Ensenada and throughout the state.

In April, Mayor Novelo announced the allocation of 30 million pesos (US $1.64 million) in federal funds for the purchase of new patrol vehicles and tactical crime prevention equipment.

Two homicides in particular that have made headlines recently were the gruesome killings of two retired teachers whose heads were discovered May 28 on the Ensenada-Tijuana highway.

A 52-year-old man, also a teacher, has been charged with murder.

After the heads were found, authorities located the victims’ torsos but their legs had been removed.

An autopsy determined that both victims had been decapitated while alive.

The suspect had known the victims for 30 years.

Source: 4 Vientos (sp), El Vigía (sp), ZETA (sp), (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    Ensenada was once a sleepy fishing town full of retirees and College kids that filled the discos. Now it’s full of criminals. Baja in general both North and South are going down the tubes. As you look at San Diego and up the California Coast, imagine if Mexico still own these lands…….oh snap!

    • René Visser

      Imagine native Americans still owning the US, no market for drugs and no guns flowing down and no need for violent criminals…… oh snap!

      • Eugene Nero

        The native American tribal lands straddling the border offer safe haven to drug and people traffickers. Especially in Arizona, the tribal lands are hunting grounds for kidnappers of illegal aliens who kidnap them and stuff them into holding houses in the Phoenix area, forcing them to call family members to pay extortion for their release.

        • René Visser

          Nice try, only those kidnappers that enter the tribal lands to kidnap people aren’t native Americans. After centuries of abuse and oppression, you dare to comment on how these tribal lands are governed? Perhaps if America had done the decent thing there wouldn’t be so many addicts and illnesses. America created the market for drugs and guns. They are the creators of the border situation and of course will never admit to this because the war on drugs brings in a lot of revenue for the agencies involved not to mention the blooming gun sales.

          • Uppity White Man

            Don’t go blaming all Americans , it was the dope headed Liberals that buy the dope, Don’t blame everyone else. You get high? You part of the problem? How dare he to comment? How dare you to be so judgemental. Narcissistic knucklehead.

      • Uppity White Man

        snowflake ugh. Indians were not native Americans. The was no America here. Just a scattering of neolithic aborigines that went by their tribal names. White people didn’t immigrate here, we settled here and brought western civilization.
        Imagine if there were no liberals, who buy the vast majority of the drugs and cause the whole damn problem. It not Americans that are the problem, it’s dope headed liberals like you.

    • reginaldo barth

      Sorry my friend…my grandfather and I were there in the early 60’s….we camped and slept on the warm sand in front of the Bahia hotel….it truly was god’s paradise in those days. The local populations were fabulous and life was like a dream!! Today…just too many people chasing too few resources.

  • K. Chris C.

    How’s that CIA profit boosting “war on drugs” going?!

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Eugene Nero

    The 66 murders thus far this year in Ensenada is for the entire county–not just the municipality. It is incorrect to translate municipio as municipality. In English, a municipality refers to an incorporated entity, such as a borough, town or city. In Spanish a municipio is a subdivision of a state which MOST of us Americans call a county. A municipality is not a subdivision of a state, but a municipio is. FALSE COGNATES, FRIENDS!

    Municipio and municipality are what we language teachers call FALSE cognates. They look the same, but they mean differently.聽
    Pan and pan are false cognates: one means bread, one is used for cooking.
    True cognates look the same or similar and mean the same or similar. Comentar and to comment are true cognates.

    And yes, Dear Friend, I know that you knew this already. So you should just ignore this mini Spanish lesson.