Floodwaters in Mexico City hospital. Floodwaters in Mexico City hospital.

Hospital reopens after flooding closed it

81 patients were in the 150-bed facility in Mexico City

A Mexico City hospital has reopened after it was flooded with water from heavy rain last week.


The 150-bed La Villa General Hospital in the northern-most borough of Gustavo Madero was forced to evacuate patients and had to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it could reopen.

Román Rosales of the city health secretariat said 81 patients were in the hospital at the time of the flooding and of those 69 were transferred to other health care facilities.

The remaining 12 were discharged.

Rosales stressed that no patients were placed at risk and that those suffering more serious conditions were promptly transferred to other public hospitals in the city.

The water flooded the hospital’s intensive care ward, emergency department and operating theaters but the damage appeared to be largely superficial, Rosales said.

“The damage only relates to the parts [of the hospital] that were flooded and the insurance companies are working to assess if there is any damage,” he said late last week. “There is no structural problem . . . and the surgical instruments will be sterilized so they can be reused without any problem.”

Nearby houses were also affected by the downpour with one neighbor reporting that her home had been inundated with more than 60 centimeters of water.

It was a wet week in the capital with heavy rain on Wednesday causing havoc across the metropolitan area.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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