Hotel California Baja, in Todos Santos. Hotel California Baja, in Todos Santos.

Hotel, Eagles band settle out of court

Band had filed suit against Hotel California in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

The American rock band The Eagles has settled a dispute with a Mexican hotel after it accused the hotel of using the name of the band’s famous song Hotel California for publicity purposes.


A joint dismissal of the lawsuit against the Hotel California Baja, based in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, was filed Wednesday with the U.S District Court in Los Angeles.

“This matter has been settled by mutual agreement of the parties,” said the band’s attorney, Tom Jirgal.

The lawsuit filed last year accused the Hotel California of falsely leading guests to believe the hotel and the song of the sane name were related. The Eagles argued the hotel was trying to make money off their success.

The dismissal came the same day as  the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office accepted Hotel California Baja’s request to abandon a trademark application.

The hotel first opened in 1950 under the name Hotel California, but has had several owners and names since. Hotel California the song was released in 1977 and won a Grammy Award for record of the year in 1978.

In 2001, hotel owners John and Debbie Stewart began using the original name to market the property.

The lawsuit claimed the hotel owners played Eagles tunes throughout the hotel and sold t-shirts that called the hotel “legendary,” thus leading guests to believe the hotel and band were related.  In its filing, Hotel California Baja denied it was trying to mislead guests.

Details of the settlement were not publicly disclosed.

Mexico News Daily

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  • Justin Quinn

    There’s another in Tenosique, Tabasco. Needless to say I did not check in.

    • Vernon King

      But if you did you could never check out. 🙂

      • cruz_ctrl

        yes, you can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave…

  • Cool Hand Luke

    Stayed at a HC in Mazatlan a couple years back.
    Lucky to escape – the place was a dump and slept with one eye open!

  • Chris D. Fink

    Had lunch there last year not by chose. Over priced American mexi. food besides all the tourist and the damn song every ten min. nd the gift shop nothing made me think of the eagles. go a block over and have tacos at a local place.

  • Mac

    Wonderful. Another good reason that I have to never posses anything remotely created, by the Eagles.

    • Vernon King

      I don’t forgive them for raising the cost of albums and concert tickets. They were always first to be assholes in my opinion. Hope the hotel paid no money. Maybe the hotel should sue the eagles in the US for stealing the name????

    • Beau

      The Legendary Eagles, best American Band ever!

      • Vernon King

        I like the band but not willing to give them the money they ask for. Greedy bastards and I mean greedy.

        • Beau

          I’ll pay whatever they charge to see them play…they’re worth every penny. You only live once…

  • jdwfinger

    But the question is, Is this the hotel from the song or not? If it is, it is the American Way to make money from it.

    • Beau

      The actual Hotel California is in Santa Barbara, California

      • 101st

        The hotel in Santa Barbara is the ‘Hotel Californian’.

  • What a spectacular level of pettiness on the part of the band. Does the hotel’s use of that name in any way take money from the band? No.

    • Fully agree Felipe. Also, the hotel had the name before the band released the record so they should be suing the Eagles for using their name without permission.

      • Beau

        No. The hotel changed names and owners several times since 1960. In 2001, the actual owners decided to name the hotel California again and used The “Legendary Hotel California” logo- they started selling t-shirts with this logo while playing Eagles music all the time. The Eagles are right.

    • Beau

      They make money by selling Hotel California “legendary” Shirts while playing Eagles songs. This as of 2001 when the new owners decided to re-name the Hotel, California.

    • David Nichols

      The Eagles are just protecting their copyright, in exactly the same manner Kleenex, Corn Flakes and Jello copyrights are zealously protected by their owners—copyright protection is not dependent upon proving financial loss…

  • Commander Barkfeather

    Not sure, but I may have stayed there. Isn’t it across the street from Alice’s Restaurant?

  • 101st

    Been in there 100 times and never heard an Eagles tune.

  • Alex Double

    Well who gives flying f…..!? I would have thought the eagles had made enough dough without persecuting a small hotel owner in Todas Santos. How pathetic!

  • Dirk Wyse

    “I wish I had a nickel for every time they played “Hotel California” on the radio. Oh, I do.” -Don Henley

    • michael

      He made more than a nickel every time they played the song. Get real. Don’t worry in 5o years his future heirs will live on his songs into the 22nd Century

  • HandyMan

    There was a Hotel California in Rosarito Beach a few years ago, Oh well, moving right along.