dinosaur graveyard Scientists at work in Coahuila.

Huge dinosaur graveyard found

Paleontologists believe the Coahuila graveyard is the largest in the world

A dinosaur graveyard discovered in the Coahuila desert is believed by paleontologists to be the largest in the world.

German and Mexican scientists have found the remains of 16 dinosaurs in a space measuring only 50 by 200 meters. Prof. Wolfgang Stinnesbeck of the University of Heidelberg said he knows of no other place with so many dinosaurs in such a small area.

A few kilometers away the skeletons of 15 other animals were also found, including crocodiles, fish and four species of turtles.

Deep footprints in the area have also been found, leading scientists to conclude that the Theropodas, which include the Tyrannosaurus rex, inhabited the area.

The discovery puts Mexico in the top-10 list of countries with a wealth of dinosaur history, said Héctor Rivera-Sylva, chief of the paleontology department at the Desert Museum in Saltillo.

Today, the area of the find is desert but it was fertile land 72 million years ago when the dinosaurs lived, and an active ecosystem, said Eberhard Frey of the University of Heidelberg.

“Our findings are very promising; a large-scale excavation here would be worthwhile,” he said.

The group of 10 researchers began working the area September 15 and will return next year to continue their work on what is expected to be a three-year project.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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