Ombudsman Silvestre de la Toba, assassinated in La Paz. Ombudsman Silvestre de la Toba, murdered in La Paz.

Human rights chief assassinated in Baja

Ombudsman and his son were killed in ambush by gunmen in La Paz

The latest victim of violence in Baja California Sur was the state’s human human rights ombudsman, who was ambushed and assassinated yesterday.


Silvestre de la Toba Camacho was attacked yesterday evening by armed individuals who opened fire as he and his family were driving through La Paz.

De la Toba, 47, and his son Fernando, 20, were killed and his wife and daughter seriously injured.

In a prepared statement, national ombudsman Luis Raúl González Pérez condemned the attack on de la Toba and his family.

“The CNDH [the National Human Rights Commission] reports that it has issued preventative measures in order to guarantee the safety of Mr. de la Toba’s family and that of all the staff of the state agency . . . ” said González.

The CNDH demanded that state and federal authorities conduct an immediate and thorough investigation and bring the murderers to justice.

It was the first time a human rights ombudsman has been assassinated in Mexico since the position was created in 1990.

The federal Secretariat of the Interior also issued a prepared statement condemning the attack.

“The Secretariat of the Interior makes an open call to the government of the state to find those responsible and to bring them to justice,” said the federal department.

De la Toba was appointed to head the state’s Human Rights Commission in February 2015. He was a state congressman with the New Alliance Party from 2008 until 2011.

His murder was preceded by at least 35 others during the past week in the state, where drug cartels are fighting over territory.

Source: Reforma (sp), BBC Mundo (sp)

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  • Güerito

    New homicide numbers out for Mexico:

    Mexico, Oct. 2017: 2,764 – up 31% from Oct. 2016, and up 94% from Oct. 2014.

    Baja Sur State, Oct. 2017: 135. This is Oct. 2017 figure is 60% more homicides than Baja Sur had **all year** in 2014 (84).

  • Pogo

    Mexico. My old Mexico. Is no more.

  • WestCoastHwy

    CNDH, is that part of the Mexican Judicial system? The Mexican National Human Rights Commission is something the Mexicans have to be apart of the Global Economy and therefore able to receive IMF funds. It’s primary function is to blow smoke up people’s azzes. I will conclude that blowing smoke up people’s azzes is dangerous to your health and can be lethal.