A victim of The Slasher. A victim of The Slasher.

Hunt for The Slasher is on in Chimalhuacán

2 dead, 6 injured by mystery woman with a knife

Residents of Chimalhuacán in the State of México are living in fear after a series of knife attacks by a suspected female serial attacker nicknamed La Degolladora, or The Slasher, which have left two people dead and six injured in the past two weeks.

Rosario Laurrovaquio, 40, died after suffering multiple stab wounds to the neck while traveling on public transit. No one else aboard the bus was aware of the attack until they noticed the blood.

The second fatality was that of Brenda Shantal Mondragón, 16, who was attacked on her way to school and bled to death after she was stabbed in the jugular.

The slasher’s first victim, Rosa María Jiménez Martínez, was attacked in a street of the borough on the night of September 14, losing part of her ear after being stabbed in the head. Another victim assaulted on the same day described his attacker as thin, female and aged in her mid-20s with long dark hair and dark skin.

“I couldn’t see the attacker’s features because it was dark, but it was a woman,” said Antonio Soto Leyva, who suffered more than a dozen stab wounds including a six-inch cut to the face. “She was very agile and supple. She didn’t say anything to me, she just stabbed me. She wanted to kill me – this wasn’t just a case of assault.”

Another survivor, Luisa Soto, sustained multiple cuts to the neck. “First she grabbed me by the arm and tried to strangle me,” said Soto. “Then she started stabbing me with a carving knife.”

Police have increased patrols in a bid to find the killer, and city council has issued an official warning to all local residents. Police say there have been no attacks since September 24.

Attorney General Alejandro Gómez Sánchez has appealed for calm and refused to confirm whether or not The Slasher is being regarded as a serial killer. “We already have sufficient information that we are sharing with municipal and federal authorities,” he said. “We have not yet been able to establish whether this is a serial killer or not, but we hope to advance the inquiry and be in a position to give more information as to the motives behind the attacks.”

Source: 7/24 (sp), El Universal (sp)

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