Garrido, Fernández and their child. Garrido, Fernández and their child.

Husband charged in Tamaulipas murder

Pilar Garrido had allegedly been abducted by a crime gang July 2

The husband of a Spanish woman abducted and killed last month in Tamaulipas has been charged with homicide.


Police arrested Jorge Fernández today for the murder of 34-year-old Pilar Garrido, who was abducted by three armed men July 2 on the highway between Ciudad Victoria and Soto La Marina.

Her remains were found July 26 but were not identified until two weeks after.

The case has been mysterious for several reasons, the first being Fernández’s delay in reporting his wife’s abduction. He did not make the report until the following day, when he told authorities that he and his wife and their infant child had been stopped by members of a criminal gang who demanded their vehicle.

But the gangsters changed their minds and took Garrido instead, leaving the vehicle behind.

Fernández also washed the vehicle before he reported the incident.

Authorities had further questions, El Universal reported today, after an examination of the remains found Garrido had been strangled to death and suffered injuries to her head, nose and neck.

The evidence indicated a modus operandi not typical of an organized-crime killing, according to the office of the public prosecutor, and there has been no indication that crime gangs are operating in that particular region of the state.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • Not the brightest miscreant to walk the earth.

  • Garry Montgomery

    and the baby?

    • mariache

      The baby will probably end up with her family back in Spain. This is probably a custody battle.

      • Garry Montgomery

        Maybe by some stroke of luck, but I think Mexico’s DIF will end up with the baby. Nothing wrong there but being raised in a family would be better.

  • mariache

    And wasn’t the husband a member of the government’s security forces or something of that sort?