Mayor Guajardo dances for his annual report. Mayor Guajardo dances with citizens.

‘I will survive,’ theme song of annual report

Tamaulipas mayor uses disco hit to deliver his report to constituents

Mexican mayors might well be concerned for their survival given statistics showing that 100 municipal heads of government have been assassinated in the last decade.


But that does not appear to be the reason why a Tamaulipas mayor delivered a video presentation of his first annual report this week to the music of Gloria Gaynor’s disco anthem I Will Survive.

Río Bravo Mayor Juan Diego Guajardo Anzaldúa used his Facebook account to post a video Wednesday that shows him singing the achievements of his first year in office.

The 1:45-minute clip went viral immediately.

A dramatic countdown prepares the viewer for a singular experience. As the song begins Guajardo is sitting behind a desk and with a straight face staring directly at the camera sings, “I am just one more in this society.

“We must push forward if our city is to change, be an example for others, that’s how we have to work.”


The mayor continues singing the modified lyrics as the scenes change. As he dances with various local citizens of all ages and professions, he reasserts his commitment to them.

“I won’t stop, in schools, in the farms, in sports, in health, there’s too much to do.”

Nationwide virality notwithstanding, reaction was mixed among the citizens of Río Bravo.

Some considered the mayor’s histrionic effort ridiculous and demanded he get back to work, while Guajardo’s supporters lauded his creativity and congratulated him for the achievements of the first year of his administration.

Guajardo took office as mayor of Río Bravo for the second time in October, having previously served as mayor between 2011 and 2013.

A prominent livestock breeder, he is described as a well known character in the region.

He entered politics after his brother, an ex-senator and ex-mayor, was assassinated after he accused Institutional Revolutionary Party members of having links to organized crime.

Source: La Silla Rota (sp)

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