Lorenza's gift bag. Lorenza's gift bag.

‘I’m sorry if I cry,’ says year-old novice flyer

Infant's parents hand out ear plugs and candy to other passengers, in case of tears

Traveling by air with a crying infant can be an ordeal for parents and other passengers nearby, but two parents this week sought to mitigate any uncomfortable moments for their fellow passengers.

The father of one-year-old Lorenza, who was on her maiden flight to Cancún from Mexico City, handed out gift bags containing candy, ear plugs and a short note.

It read: “My name is Lorenza and I am one year old. This is my first flight and I will try to behave as best as I can, but I apologize beforehand if I feel irritable. My parents prepared this bag with candy and ear plugs in case I give a concert in mid-flight. I hope this makes your flight a bit more pleasant.”

Another passenger aboard the flight posted a photo of the gift bag on Facebook, where it was shared nearly 70,000 times and earned close to 6,500 comments.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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