Presentation of the Acceso Latino program in San Antonio. Presentation of the Acceso Latino program in San Antonio.

Immigrants’ program gives citizenship help

Organizations develop program to help Hispanics become US citizens

Three Mexican organizations have launched a coaching program that utilizes an app and face-to-face counseling to help permanent residents of the United States obtain full citizenship.


Acceso Latino, or Latino Access, includes an array of reference tools for the Latino, or Hispanic, community of the United States.

The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the National Commission for Human rights (CNDH) and the Carlos Slim Foundation are behind the initiative, which was presented this week in the Texas city of San Antonio.

Representatives of all three said Acceso Latino’s goal is to help 3.4 million Mexican immigrants obtain full U.S. citizenship so they can vote and have an impact on the country’s 2018 midterm elections.

The United States Congress will be renewed on November 6 next year, when the immigrant vote could help influence the immigration agenda.

Although Mexicans lead the way among immigrants seeking citizenship every year, as a whole they take the longest to do so, an estimated 11 years.

In 2015, only 54% of potential citizenship candidates filed applications.

The coaching program is found on the webpage of Acceso Latino where applicants can view a video that prepares them for the United States citizenship test.

UNAM chancellor Enrique Graue Wiechers, human rights ombudsman Luis Raúl González Pérez and Héctor Slim Seade, the CEO of Telmex, participated in the presentation of the program in San Antonio.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • DeplorableVI

    This is why strong immigration policy is needed. We have so many Latinos there’s no room for others, such as German or Irish immigrants who wait legally and patiently. Over 30% of the US population is Latino, they shouldn’t even be considered a minority there’s so many of the cockroaches. Just because Latinos have brown skin they get all kinds of affirmative action welfare programs German and Irish Americans don’t get. Latinos flee lawless Latin America and first thing they do is break every American immigration law. They actually bring their lawlessness with them, they spread it like VD.

    • Commander Barkfeather

      Spoken like a real Deplorable!

      • ben

        UNfortunalty the best latinos are not coming these days. want diversity? bring in some germans who are relocating to hungry. how about the european jews who are relocating to israel. the islamic cuture isnt bringing much quality of life in those parts. how about the white europeans from africa who are being killed. not sexy enough? gotta be colored these days……..they pushed that sxxt wayback when i was in highschool. most of you fell for it. i didnt, im from brooklyn.

    • Carmen Cornejo

      We create jobs at fastest rate than the “regular” population.
      Stop the uninformed hate speech.

      • DeplorableVI

        Go help Cuba. All magical illegal aliens who work miracles for the Gringo economy should go to the failed nations that need help. Venezuela Cuba Liberia Congo Yemen those wonderfully failed nations are begging for help. Time for all the illegal aliens to leave and go help others.

    • Carmen Cornejo

      Hate speech is shameful. No wonder you do not share your name and cowardly hide with a nickname.

      • DeplorableVI

        Would you please point out what part of my 100% truthful post contains hate speech? To bear false witness is a mortal sin, as bad as murder in God’s eye. Go back to where you came from.

  • cooncats

    How about a program to create opportunity so people can come home to Mexico? Novel idea, eh?

    • Daniel

      Cooncats I have a question I am a Mexican and to be honest I love the United States Ive never crossed the border illegally and follow the immigration rules accordingly i would like to live in the US someday and plan to do it Legally do you have a problem with this? Why? Thank you hope you can respond

      • cooncats

        Not at all. I live in your country legally and you are welcome to do the same in mine. And it would be great if Mexico cleaned up its incredibly corrupt government and created opportunity for you here.