Trump effigy in Cozumel. Trump: first it was piñatas, now it's an effigy. Melissa Moline

In Cozumel, Trump is burned in effigy

The presidential candidate had a plan to build a resort on the island

Año Viejo, a well-known tradition in parts of Mexico, is a celebration in which people construct an effigy that represents the outgoing year and burn it on New Year’s Eve.

This year, residents of the resort island of Cozumel, Quintana Roo, chose someone who has already been subjected to a great deal of whacking after being used as a model for various piñatas.

Dislike for U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump has been strong since his claim last year that Mexico was sending criminals such as drug dealers and rapists into the United States in the form of immigrants.

Cozumel residents are familiar with Trump for another reason. A few years ago he tried to purchase part of the island in a deal that ultimately fell through. In a plan tentatively known as Punta Arrecifes Resort, the billionaire businessman intended to build an exclusive resort with its own private airstrip, docks, golf course and villas at Punta Molas.

But there was local opposition to the proposal and the site was later declared a natural protected area, putting a halt to the project.

Sources: Union Cancun (sp)

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