The indigenous music collective Membda. The indigenous music collective Membda.

Indigenous band from Hidalgo nominated for Canadian music award

Four young musicians from Hidalgo have earned international recognition with their nomination for a Canadian music award.

And while they didn’t win the award for best international indigenous release at the Indigenous Music Awards last night in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the nomination has been a source of pride for the four musicians in the collective called Membda.

All four are members of the Otomí indigenous group and hail from Bingú, Cardonal, in the Valle del Mezquital, and their music, with its lyrics in their native tongue, reflects that.

They were nominated for the Canadian award for their first CD, Hin To’o Ngu Nuga (No one like me), released in 2017, 12 tunes whose intention was to reflect the characteristics and the culture of their community.

The band traveled to Canada this week for last night’s event, and will return on Sunday.

Source: El Universal (sp), La Opinión (sp)

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