Construction project in Mazatlán where fiber optics cable was apparently damaged. Construction project in Mazatlán where fiber optics cable was apparently damaged.

Internet service back after 3-hour outage

Telmex blames service cut in US and fiber optics cable damage in Mazatlán

It wasn’t just the sun that was blanked out yesterday. Across Mexico, internet users were cut off by a service failure at Teléfonos de México.


Telmex issued a statement yesterday evening to say its internet service Infinitum had been affected by a service cut in the United States, as well as a break in a fiber optics cable in Mazatlán at the site of a public works project.

The company said service was 100% restored by about 8:30pm after a three-hour outage.

Both Telmex and Telcel customers were affected.

Some complained on social media that they had been unable to contact customer service representatives at the telephone company, which released no information about the outage until at least an hour after it began.

Some internet users wondered if they should blame the outage on yesterday’s solar eclipse, which created a partial blocking out of the sun across the country.

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  • Thomas713


  • Garry Montgomery

    Infinitum is the best of a bad lot. Every 30 minutes i lose connection and have to disconnect from the internet, wait a few moments and start up again to get another 30 minutes of service. Why is it so?

    • I maintain two WiFi services at my house. One is a local firm (Michoacán), which works great and provides fantastic service. If there’s an issue, and there rarely is, the honcho sends someone to my house ASAP. I’ve had that for over 15 years. I added WiFi from Megacable about a year ago, due to its being far cheaper than my other service. I intended to drop the local service after testing Megacable for six months or so. I have decided to keep both in order to have a backup. Megacable was a little spotty the first couple of months. Not anymore. Works great. So does my other service. The total cost of both is about 450 pesos per month.

    • Crewlaw

      I don’t know what else you have available where you are located, but we changed our internet over to Megacable three or four years ago and have no complaints. Browsing, Skype, Netflix and Hulu streaming all generally work just fine.

  • Jungle Cat

    Telmex On the beach in the Yucatan is truly deplorable… The wireless services are worse.. Getting someone to work on their service when down is next to impossible unless a week or longer is OK with you.