Duarte's international arrest warrant. Duarte's international arrest warrant.

Interpol issues second Red Notice for Duarte

The new warrant is for diverting 14 million pesos to the Institutional Revolutionary Party

A second Interpol Red Notice has been issued for fugitive ex-governor César Duarte of Chihuahua, believed to be living in Texas.

The international arrest warrant calls for Duarte’s arrest for diverting 14 million pesos and turning it over to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

State investigators have actually found that Duarte transferred a total of 79 million pesos to the party by deducting between five and 10% of the salaries of state employees, which produced a check for as much as 1.7 million pesos on the 20th of each month.

The practice was carried out over the course of Duarte’s six-year term.

The first Red Notice was issued for the ex-governor in March for embezzlement.

Duarte has been spotted in El Paso, Texas, Ruidoso, New Mexico, and — most recently — in Florida.

In El Paso the ex-governor was seen in a restaurant with Guillermo Dowell Delgado, head of the PRI in Chihuahua, and Sergio Belmonte, who led the state’s social communication agency while Duarte was governor.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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