Yarrington after his arrest in April. Yarrington after his arrest in April.

Italian court approves Yarrington extradition

Ex-governor of Tamaulipas, wanted for corruption, has one more avenue of appeal

Italy has approved the extradition of ex-Tamaulipas governor Tomás Yarrington Ruvalcaba, wanted in both Mexico and the United States on corruption-related charges.

An eventful, seven-hour hearing in a Florence court yesterday began with the judges’ eviction of Mexican diplomat Luis Martín Anaya Imazio after Yarrington’s lawyer, Luca Marafioti, argued the diplomat’s presence was an example of the “political pressure” that his client faces.

Also removed from the court was Yarrington’s son, Tomás Yarrington Morales.

After the seven-hour session, the acting Attorney General of Florence told a press conference that the extradition had been approved for both the United States and Mexico for racketeering, money laundering, drug trafficking and fraud.

Luciana Singlitico added that the court had dismissed requests for Yarrington’s house arrest and the accusations of forgery of documents and drug trafficking presented by the United States and Mexico, respectively.

“We are satisfied with the result,” she added.

Marafioti said the decision will be appealed before Italy’s court of cassation, the highest court and the last resort for the defense team.

At that stage of the proceedings it is Italy’s justice minister who will rule one way or the other.

Marafioti added that the trial against his client was “unfair” and that it lacked conclusive elements and an adequate legal basis. The court’s decision, he said, “puts the accused’s well being at risk . . . we hope the court of cassation will be more sensible.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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