Medina: spent 19 hours behind bars. Medina: spent 19 hours behind bars.

Judge orders release of former governor

Corruption charges not serious; preventive custody not required

Former Nuevo León governor Rodrigo Medina was jailed early last Thursday morning on corruption charges, but was released 19 hours later after a federal judge ruled that the charges against him are not a serious offense and did not require preventive custody.


Medina was imprisoned after a supervisory judge agreed that the ex-governor represented a flight risk and ordered pre-trial detention for 30 days as a precautionary measure.

The federal judge also made it clear that Medina was not considered as a flight risk by the court because he had voluntarily attended all the summons issued for him to appear.

“The freedom of the ex-governor should never have been restricted by imposing upon him the measure of preventive prison . . . .” read the judge’s ruling on the matter.

Medina left the Topo Chico penitentiary a few minutes before 11:00pm, when he told journalists that he had been unfairly imprisoned but that he was leaving “through the front door.”

He said in an interview Saturday that there had been no justification for his imprisonment, and charged that the judge who ordered his incarceration had committed a crime by not complying with a previous decision by a federal judge that no precautionary measures should be imposed.


Medina was also angry about a photo published by various media outlets, including Mexico News Daily, showing the ex-governor in orange prison dress as he was being admitted at the Topo Chico penitentiary. He said he planned to file a lawsuit against the person responsible for leaking the photo.

Medina said the photo damaged the image of himself and his family, and was released with “awful malice.”

After Medina was jailed, Governor Jaime Rodríguez saw his predecessor’s arrest as a “historical step” against corruption.

Medina faces charges of embezzlement and the theft of public funds in connection with incentives offered to the South Korean automotive manufacturer Kia Motors to build an assembly plant in the state. He is accused of stealing 3.128 billion pesos.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • Henry Wilson

    ah…that was pretty fast, even for the narcos, to get the ransom together that quickly. impressive.

  • Jose Yates

    He’s probably in route to his big beautiful Miami condo right now. Miami is filled with former Mexican officials who earned big money through corruption. Some bureaucratic jobs in Mexico are better than any lottery. Cha Ching.

  • Güerito

    So, now we know that stealing 3 billion pesos is not a serious offense in Mexico.

    And even if you steal 3 billion pesos, Mexican courts will say you’re not a flight a risk, despite a very publicized case of a former PRI Governor fleeing the country while facing similar charges…

  • K. Chris C.

    Judge: “I’ve stolen that much in a weekend while at a BBQ. Now bring me a pheasant to persecute and strip of his wealth and freedom.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • Happygirl

      You do know the difference between peasant and pheasant right?

  • SilenceIsConsent

    Embezzling $150 million dollars in PUBLIC FUNDS is not a flight risk???

  • Greg Thompson

    wonder how much the judge cost him?