kidnap gang members on Facebook Facebook friends.

Kidnap gang shows up on Facebook

They operated in the State of Mexico and pulled off eight kidnappings

Successful kidnappers probably don’t do Facebook.

A report by the agency Reforma says three of six suspected members of a kidnapping gang in the State of Mexico appeared with their firearms in a photo on the social network.

The gang is believed to have been responsible for eight incidents involving 13 victims. Their modus operandi was to go after vehicles in which one or two people were traveling, and catch them while they were distracted.

After they were threatened with firearms and captured, the victims were taken to a house in Chalco, where the wife of one gang member conducted ransom negotiations with families.

In other kidnapping news, the Roman Catholic bishop of Chilpancingo said in an interview with Milenio that he negotiated and paid a ransom after the parish priest in Cuetzala del Progreso was abducted a year and a half ago.

“There was a negotiation. We gave them a small quantity (of money),” said Bishop Alejo Zavala, who personally delivered the cash according to the kidnappers’ instructions. The priest reappeared two hours later.

Two other priests have been kidnapped since last April, but no ransom was ever demanded, and both were later found dead. John Ssenyondo was kidnapped April 30 and his body found in a mass grave in October. Gregorio Gorostieta López was taken December 22 and his body was found Christmas Day. He had been shot but the cause of death was strangulation.

Sources: Reforma (sp), Milenio (sp)

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