Victim of yesterday's kidnapping. Victim of yesterday's kidnapping.

Kidnappers grab son of gold mine worker

Parents couldn't meet ransom demand as violence continues in Guerrero Gold Belt

A two-year-old boy was kidnapped yesterday morning as a Canadian-owned gold mine and its employees continue to be a target for criminals in Guerrero.

Two men and a woman were waiting outside the home of Gonzalo Godines García in the Los Sauces neighborhood of Chilpancingo when he left for work at the Goldcorp mine in Carrizalillo about 6:30am.

He was taken back into his house at gunpoint where he was tied up with his wife. The assailants then made off with the couple’s toddler son, Gonzalo Godines Almazán, after his parents told them they could not meet their ransom demand.

The kidnappers said they would return the child when the parents were able to make the payment.

Goldcorp’s Los Filos mine, located in the gold-rich Guerrero Gold Belt, has been a source of revenue for the community of Carrizalillo, but the money has also attracted criminal groups that want a share of the wealth.

The town’s mayor has blamed the Guerreros Unidos gang for the violence that has ensued.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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