Rivas: not optimistic that the kidnapping situation will improve. Rivas: not optimistic that the kidnapping situation will improve.

Kidnapping numbers are set to break record

Citizens' group doesn't see the situation improving without a change in strategy

Kidnappings will break a record if they continue at their current pace, which a citizens’ group warns is unlikely to change.


The number of kidnappings recorded during the presidency of Enrique Peña Nieto is on the brink of exceeding a previous high set during the entire six-year term of his predecessor, Felipe Calderón, according to statistics from the National Public Security System (SNSP).

In the four years and 10 months since Peña Nieto took office, there have been 6,235 kidnappings, just 347 fewer than the number recorded between 2006 and 2012 when Mexico was governed by a Calderón-led National Action Party (PAN) administration.

With one year of the current administration still to go and kidnapping rates on the rise, it is likely to be just a matter of months until the record is broken. After the same period in Calderón’s presidency, there had been 4,955 reported cases of kidnapping, 1,280 fewer than the number recorded so far.

The director of the National Citizens’ Observatory — an independent organization that monitors security conditions — believes that the high prevalence of the crime is likely to continue in the short term despite efforts by state-based anti-kidnapping units to reverse the trend.

“I think that we are going to continue having a serious problem in this area in the remainder of this six-year term because we haven’t seen a change in the security strategy that would lead us to believe we are going to have greater control over the issue,” Francisco Rivas said.

The worst year of the last five was 2013, the first full year of Peña Nieto’s presidency, Rivas said, but he warned that if the current trend continues unabated there is a danger of returning to those levels.


Part of the problem is that authorities are not attacking the financial structures of kidnapping rings, he said, which allows them to continue operating even if one of their members is arrested.

In response to the alarming figures recorded in 2013, Peña Nieto created the National Anti-Kidnapping Coordinator (Conase), an agency that deployed specialized units in 10 states to combat the crime. For two consecutive years kidnapping numbers dropped but the rate rose again in 2016, when 1,131 cases were recorded.

For the entire period of Peña Nieto’s presidency, Tamaulipas has recorded the highest number of kidnappings with 965 followed by the state of México (928), Veracruz (628), Guerrero (524), Tabasco (432), Morelos (372), Michoacán (358) and Mexico City (259), according to SNSP statistics.

But as is often the case, the government’s numbers have been questioned.

The organization Alto al Secuestro (Stop the Kidnappings) disagrees with the official figures, placing the number since 2013 at a much higher 10,242, or the equivalent of six new kidnapping cases per day.

Organization president Miranda de Wallace says that state governments have failed to combat the crime due to a lack of investment to train members of the anti-kidnapping units.

“If we continue with this trend, we’ll be finishing 2018 with maybe 12,000 kidnappings,” she said, adding that the federal government needs to place greater emphasis on combating the crime in the states where the incidence is highest.

“If we place emphasis on these states, this crime would reduce by practically 20% because almost 80% [of the cases] occur . . .  [there],” she claimed.

The federal government spent almost 2.3 billion pesos (US $122 million) this year to combat the crime, according to Conase, with the states of Puebla, México, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo, Querétaro and Mexico City the biggest beneficiaries.

The current year is likely to go down as Mexico’s most violent on record with homicide rates also at record highs. Interior Secretary Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong said last week that reforming an outdated security system is essential to address rising crune levels.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • Mason

    These are only reported kidnappings. It is estimated that 2/3s of kidnappings in Mexico never get reported out of fear and police involvement in the crime.

    • Jeff Swanson

      you are exactly spot on, kidnappings in Mexico DON’T get reported, where you are off is it is 99.7% of kidnappings go unreported! AND the government of Mexico would lie and or not release the true stats anyway, as with everything!

      As you state the people fear the police are involved, which they are.
      In one Mexican tourist city there are dozens, if not hundreds of express kidnapping’s per week. (Only Nationals)

      It used to effect foreigners and tourists too, but in a deal with the devil, the Government decided it was putting to much bad press on Mexico’s Tourism, agreed to lay off non-nationals.

      How it works is, usually but not always a child is kidnapped usually going to or from school, we are talking 8 -9 years old,
      Immediately the parent(s) are called on their cell phones (how do the kidnappers know the number/) It IS always the same, the kidnappers demand $5,000 USD, they are offered and settle for 500 USD, the family calls all the extended family and pulls together the money, the whole thing is over in only 1 to 1.5 hours max!
      This is primarily targeting “poor” families.
      The family when they are called is taunted with, they have the info and history on the entire family, mention where every tia, every grandparent etc lives, works, their phone numbers, what they drive etc. WHO has all this information? NO ONE, no one except the government!
      I knew, know 4 families in my small sphere of knowledge this happed to, all kids and one family a grandparent was kidnapped. They told me it go’s on hourly round the clock here and all are in fear, BUT the police and government are involved so WHO do you go to?
      Knew a family VERY recently, had their 11 yo daughter kidnapped, she was held for weeks in a notorious colonia on the outskirts of this city, repeatedly gang raped, and not allowed to shower, they wanted 30,000 usd, because they knew the family were wealthy business owners, AND they said they could get that for her for a “sex slave” , the family paid up, the girl was released, bleeding badly and bloody from the repeated rapes.
      What I find funny and ironic, she now resides in the USA in Donald Trumps prejudiced hell, attending school there, on my dime, another “Illegal”
      and vowing NEVER to return to Mexico, WOW folks THAT says it all!

  • Hailey Mannering

    There was an article here some months back about the disappearance of Jenny Chen. There is a Facebook group on this:”Help Find Jenny”. Jenny`s husband says his information leads him to believe the disappearance was not voluntary. He is bitter about the lack of co-operation from Modelo and the government. Jenny was last seen in a Modelo truck.

  • Boo Booo

    Death Penalty IS long overdue for BOTH U.S. and ESPECIALLY Mexico 4users & sellers.

  • Sharon

    Anyone wonder why tourists are afraid to come to Mexico? Ever wonder why many countries warn their citizens not to go to Mexico? You are killing the tourist business with all these crimes.

  • Emodi Kann

    The agencies of the US gov’t have been trafficking guns into Mexico for years; just as they traffic drugs, etc., and have never stopped. Holder’s “Fast and Furious” was one of MANY operations. Not only did he NOT get fired, the agent who exposed the illegal activities was killed for it. The elite in Mexico City don’t care about the cartel violence as long as poor Mexicans are killing other poor, agriculturally located Mexicans.
    At the same time, covert US agencies have a long, established history of carrying out “experiments” on Americans (without their consent or knowledge) as well as on citizens of other countries, including “mind control” experiments on mental patients in Canada and kidnapped victims (young males and females) originally used in Project Monarch and then used as sex slaves for the elite—which has evolved into an international trafficking ring. Big Pharma and the government has collaborated to use experimental vaccines and have tested viruses in areas of Africa too.
    Those same agencies have been responsible for the murder of whistleblowers, reporters, and former victims who threaten those in power with exposure—including Gary Webb, Breitbart, Noveske, Seth Rich; as well as Phillip Marshall and family and the Crowley family–made to look like murder-suicide. They have been behind false flag events designed to incite fear, and ironically fall into a heavily propagandized plot to call for gun control—since increasing numbers of taxpayers, educated Americans and retirees are aware of the extent of government corruption and calling for revolt as well as the anti-Trump socialists wanting to uproot the government. Meanwhile, each year greater numbers of citizens are fleeing the US in droves–to escape the political tyranny and find security where they and their money are treated best.
    To discourage Americans from leaving, MSM is full of propaganda about the dangers of venturing outside the US–even though the US is one of the most dangerous nations you could live in; and certainly offers the poorest level of education of any “advanced” country. There are probably just as many operatives in Mexico as there are US troops in countries around the world; and certainly they have the skill/expertise and absolute ruthlessness to stage kidnappings and torture.
    Both Snowden and the head of Google have revealed the gov’t has the ability to implant thoughts/read people’s minds with the technology developed over the past 30 years or longer; hence the reason they target young males who have been treated by quacks and given drugs (for ADHD, depression, etc.) for years and after harassing them long enough, they drive them to acts of violence. Notice no members of the elite have ever been harmed in the events, nor have their children.
    It is always all about who profits. Who profits from the orchestrated shootings? Who profited from Bush collaborating with the Saudi’s to create 9/11? Who profits from the weather disasters caused by geoengineering–something we mastered after Vietnam? Who profited from the deaths of Michael Hastings? Crowley and his family?
    The document found by accident in a Boeing printer in the 1980’s (available online) called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is a blueprint for what has been/is taking place in the US; and it is certainly reason for anyone who has the means to do so to leave the US while you can. Until the corruption results in collapse-for whatever reason-being a citizen here is the equivalent of being an indentured servant without rights or freedom–not even access to clean water or a food supply that hasn’t been contaminated.
    Even if there are 10,000 kidnappings in Mexico, there are 800,000 children missing every year in the US; over 17,000 homicides in 2016. In major cities there are an average of 30+ murders by gang members every weekend; and those are the numbers “reported” by the government agencies. Just as they play games with casualty statistics, they play with numbers concerning crime as well. But it just proves that while individuals should be vigilant, it is far safer to venture abroad than remain in the US, where you can disappear, as many citizens have, never to be heard from again.