Four-year-old Antony, found in chains. Four-year-old Antony, found in chains.

Kids rescued from abuse in Mexico City

There have been two cases in two weeks involving five children in total

Four children aged from one to 14 years have been taken into custody by the DIF family services agency in Mexico City in a second case of child abuse in two weeks.

The four siblings were living with their mother in the borough of Cuauhtémoc, where officials found overcrowded conditions in a three-room house littered with dirty dishes, dirty clothes and trash.

Authorities said the children showed signs of mental and physical impairment.

Although the children’s 29-year-old mother lived with them, she usually left them unattended. The door of the house was a simple metal gate and the youngsters could come and go as they pleased.

Late last month, an anonymous report led to the discovery of a four-year-old boy whose feet had been held in chains at a home in the borough of Gustavo A. Madero.

The boy, named only as Antony, was suffering from severe malnutrition, head injuries and cigarette burns on his back.

He had been left by his father in the care of his sister and her partner. Both have been in custody since the boy’s discovery and face charges of child abuse.

After Antony was rescued his parents were tracked down by news organizations in the United States.

His father, who lives in San Diego, California, said he couldn’t understand how his son had been subjected to such conditions.

Pascual Castro told NBC he would send US $500 a month to his sister to care for the boy.

“My intention was for Antony to learn English in Mexico before enrolling him in school in the United States,” he said.

He expected to be reunited with Antony in the U.S. in two weeks and plans to seek custody.

The boy’s mother, Dawn Sanderson of Escondido, California, wants to do the same.

But Mexican authorities in San Diego said the child would likely be placed in foster care, at least temporarily, until a decision by the special prosecutor for the rights of children in Mexico City.

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