Suk: charged with sexual abuse. Suk: charged with sexual abuse.

Kissing young girls nets abuse charge

Canadian denies abuse after kissing girls on the lips

A Canadian who kissed two young girls on the lips in Acapulco yesterday has been accused of sexual abuse.

Walter Suk, 68, originally of Quebec City, was arrested after kissing the girls, aged about three, while sitting on a bench on Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán.

In a video filmed by a witness and uploaded to social media, Suk explained that his behavior was normal: “I like them, they like me.”

Federal Police were called to the scene, where the girls’ mother demanded that Suk be arrested. Their father, however, was less sure of what was going on. When scolded by the witness with the camera, he observed that the kisses were “signs of affection.”

The witness also went after Suk: “We are reporting the case of this gringo kissing these two girls. Look at him, he seems to think this is normal.”

As the camera rolls, Suk kisses one of the girls again but one of the police officers intervenes. When the cameraman rebukes Suk for his conduct and describes it as pedophilia, he denies being a pedophile, sticks out his tongue and makes faces.

The witness with the camera goes on to harass the presumed father of the children, suggesting that he had accepted payment from Suk in exchange for kissing his daughters.

State officials said the evidence indicated that Suk was a pederast and that he was being detained by Agency for Sexual Crimes. His legal status is to be determined tomorrow.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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