#LadyPollos and her gifts of chicken dinner. #LadyPollos and her gifts of chicken dinner.

#LadyTrump becomes #LadyPollos with gifts

Zacatecas politician's photo adorns the packaging of roasted chickens

A Zacatecas politician celebrated Christmas by handing out gifts of roasted chicken to the less fortunate, for whom there was no question where it came from: the packaging was clearly identified with the donor’s photo.


Social Encounter Party (PES) Deputy Iris Aguirre gave away the self-endorsed chicken dinners on Christmas Eve in the municipality of Fresnillo and subsequently uploaded photos and videos of her goodwill and charity to her Facebook account.

“There is nothing more beautiful than sharing this Christmas with those who are most needy,” the state congresswoman wrote in the accompanying caption, adding the hashtag #TeAmoFresnillo or #ILoveYouFresnillo.”

In the 20 photos and seven videos she shared online, Aguirre is seen posing with scores of the roast chickens packed into the back of a car and then walking dusty streets of impoverished neighborhoods in the municipality as she handed them out.

Along the way, she shakes hands of the recipients, offers blessings and words of encouragement, hugs some of them and poses for photos.

While Aguirre and her team stressed that they were not on the campaign trail and just wanted to help, they made sure that the name of the conservative party she represents was not lost on the beneficiaries.

“We’ve brought you some small gifts, a little roast chicken to celebrate Christmas, God bless you! Entrust yourself to the Lord as he is the only one that can help us. Blessings!” she told one elderly man as she handed over the meal.


But despite her seemingly good intentions, the social media backlash was swift and unforgiving and — as has become custom — Aguirre was also bestowed with a memorable hashtag moniker: #LadyPollos or the Chicken Lady.

“Well done, because you took those people something to eat but was it necessary for you to put your photo on the chickens?” one social media user questioned.

“There are a thousand of ways of buying votes, some give cement, others give sheets of metal, now the new style is giving away chickens . . .” another wrote.

For Aguirre, it is not the first time she has suffered the humiliation of having a “Lady” tag bestowed upon her.

Late last year she was dubbed #LadyTrump after she defended the then United States president-elect’s stance on deportations and his proposed strict immigration policies.

And just a month ago she was caught up in another online scandal and dubbed #LadyMallas, or the Mesh Lady, after she posted a photo with cyclone nets she had donated to another Zacatecas municipality, claiming that it would stop criminals from “going in to rape your girls.”

The titles “lady” and “lord” have been used by social media users in Mexico in recent years to identify and publicly shame people who have acted in questionable or controversial ways or with an attitude that reflects a sense of entitlement.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • David Taylor

    She chose to share with others…with or without a photo…food for needy. She would get my vote…as long as she paid for it out of her pocket not taxpayers.

  • BETOXELA2015

    There are always the “do-nothings” that are quick to critize the goodness in others who are trying to make a difference.

    • DreadFool


  • Jeff Swanson

    Whomever said in the story above quoted “and the new way of buying votes Chickens” IS DEAD WRONG! When I lived in Mexico for years the “NEW” politicians would go into the poor area’s and hand out chickens, (especially around the holidays) vote buying plain and simple, NO OTHER WAY to see it, NO! other way, BUT as she has some common sense and is for Trump, she gets a little x=tra coverage then the “Mainstream Party Crooks!”
    The other “guy’s” saying she is vote buying, is like the pot calling the kettle black don’t ya think?
    While I lived in Mexico, a good college educated Mexican friend came to mi casa one day, ask me to go with him, he did it intentionally, because he knew what he was going to show me, would send me over the top.
    Took me to a polling place and outside directly in front of the police, people were handing the “voters” in line a “Green” banknote, (200 pesos) and a 3 x 5 inch “Glossy” printed full color “Coupon” for a “FREE” kilo of carne asada.
    WoW’ser !!!!! I was pissed, ready to jump of the car and throttle ALL OF THEM, I told my friend “Stop this shit RIGHT NOW!” he said “there are the police right there, go tell them”
    These are the “IDIOT’S” of Mexico, the VERY same one’s who ALL complain about the corruption and their government selling their votes. SICKENING is what it is, oH and this was about 5 years ago, NOT in the 1850’s !
    Long as they keep doing this, they get what they deserve!
    The Mexican People, AND their “Culture” ARE the problem, who are the politicos en Mexico, Aliens or the Mexican people? I rest my case!

  • Garry Montgomery

    Why is she in the government if she believes that her Lord is the only one who can get things done? But then, she’s catering to the poor, uneducated, religiously confused masses and she’ll earn more in her position than she would selling tortillas.