A protest at the airport last September. A demonstration at the airport last September.

Landowners renew their airport protest

Dispute continues over compensation to ejidatarios for Guadalajara airport

Community landowners in El Zapote, Jalisco, renewed their protest yesterday evening at the Guadalajara International Airport although a judge ruled earlier in the day that the demonstration must not block access to the airport or prevent contractors from carrying out renovation work.

The longstanding dispute over compensation for ejido lands that were expropriated for the airport in 1975 flared once more after a meeting was postponed.

Protesters blocked the renovation project under way in the terminal area, and opened access to the parking lot to give motorists free parking.

Ejido president Nicolás Vega said his community had seen no action to resolve the dispute on the part of authorities, who keep “putting it off.”

He said a meeting scheduled for yesterday with airport operator Grupo Aeropuerto del Pacífico had been postponed until tomorrow.

“. . . the land is ours,” Vega said of the airport site, “and as long as they don’t pay for it we are not going to allow them to continue doing what they wish.”

Radio broadcaster Notisistema reported that the landowners had rejected an appraisal of the airport land, which triggered yesterday’s demonstration.

The federal government expropriated 307 hectares for the airport, for which several payments have been paid to the ejido. But as of last September they were demanding another 2.6 billion pesos.

Source: Milenio (sp), Notisistema (sp)

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