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Lavish wedding for union boss’s daughter

Excesses and displays of opulence are insulting, says PRD Senator

The wedding of the daughter of Pemex workers’ union leader Carlos Romero Deschamps, widely described as lavish, was an event that attracted many prominent federal and state politicians.

It is also drawing criticism from opposition parties.

Romero has been a member of the Pemex union since 1971, becoming leader in 1996, a position he has held ever since. He is also a Senator with the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

Last Saturday, his daughter, Paulina Romero Durán, married plastic surgeon Juan Carlos Rentería Covarrubias with a party at the exclusive Camino Real Hotel in the upscale Mexico City district of Polanco.

The newspaper Reforma reported that Romero’s daughter wore seven Cartier bracelets valued at 1.9 million pesos, or just over US $100,000.

Another Senator, not from Romero’s party, called the wedding disgraceful.

“Excesses and displays of opulence like these are really insulting in a country where over half of the population lives in poverty,” said Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) Senator Venancio Luis Sánchez Jiménez.

“All those excesses are the fruit of dirty money. It is obvious that the father, Senator Romero Deschamps, cannot afford [a party and accessories] like those with his salary. And it’s not like he owns businesses that allow him to live that way, those resources come from Pemex . . . they’ve stolen them and now make a brazen show of it,” he charged.

The Senator found the presence of Mexico’s political and business elite as a sign of their collusion and cover-up.

” . . . the federal government has done nothing to counter the corruption of these guilds, of these all-powerful unions,” he declared.

Vidal Llerenas Morales, a federal Deputy with Morena (National Regeneration Movement), pronounced the federal government as shameless because it has agreed to cover up acts of corruption in exchange for favors.

“The government has openly agreed on the energy reforms with the [Pemex workers’] union on condition they not investigating [the corruption].”

” . . . They’re so cynical. There’s this social demand to act on corruption, and still we have these very public displays, these excesses . . . They don’t care, the [union] leadership can steal and nobody cares,” added Llerenas.

Among the politicians in attendance at the event were Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera, national PRI leader Enrique Ochoa Reza and former federal attorney general Jesús Murillo Karam.

Pemex CEO José Antonio González Anaya was also there, along with several former governors, public officials and members of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s cabinet.

Romero’s daughter has been singled out for her luxurious lifestyle before. In 2012, she posted photos of her travels and purchases on social media.

Photographs depicted her one day in London and the next in Moscow, always wearing designer clothes and accessories. Yachts, private jets and first-class commercial flights carried the union leader’s daughter on her globetrotting forays.

After a social outcry Romero’s daughter restricted her public presence on social media.

Source: Reforma (sp), Debate (sp)
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