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LiFi: download an HD film in just 45 seconds

LiFi is coming to Mexico next year, reportedly making it the first country in North America where “visible light communication” technology will be employed.

Computer and technology firm Sisoft Mexico will be installing the system in homes, businesses and hospitals in Mexico City.

LiFi employs light-emitting diodes to deliver high-speed communications, with speeds as high as 10 GB per second, fast enough to download a high-definition film in just 45 seconds.

The system’s range is not as good as WiFi because the signal cannot penetrate walls, but it can be reflected off walls so direct line of sight isn’t necessary for it to function.

Among the advantages is that it can be used in areas that are sensitive to electromagnetic influence, such as aircraft cabins and hospitals.

LiFi’s creator says the potential applications are beyond imagination. “. . . wherever there is light there exists the potential to transmit data,” says Harald Hass of the University of Edinburgh.

In late 2011 companies and industry groups formed the LiFi Consortium to promote high-speed optical wireless systems.

Source: Dinero en Imagen (esp)

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