Coppel store that was looted last night in Oaxaca. Coppel store that was looted last night in Oaxaca. nvi noticias

Looting, two deaths accompany protests

Thieves kill reporter, loot stores in several cities in Oaxaca

Highway blockades by the CNTE teachers’ union in Oaxaca are now being accompanied by further social unrest — vandalism and thefts that have cost two lives and are running into the millions of pesos in costs.

Juchitán reporter Elpidio Ramos Zárate was assassinated yesterday while he took photographs of thieves as they looted an Oxxo convenience store.

The reporter was covering the story of the teachers’ union protest and blockade when he saw the robbers at work. When they saw him taking photographs they shot him at point-blank range, killing both Ramos Zárate and a bystander seated at a nearby bus stop.

A third bystander was wounded in the shooting.

In other incidents that took place Friday night and Saturday morning, two supermarkets were looted, a cinema vandalized and vehicles stolen from a Nissan dealership in Juchitán, while a Coppel store was looted last night in Oaxaca city.

About 20 individuals were reported to have instigated the attacks in Juchitán, looting Bodega Aurrera, Soriana and AutoZone stores and vandalizing the Cinema Henry before

breaking into the Nissan agency where they stole computer equipment and five vehicles.

At least one was used to smash through the doors of the Soriana store.

The Nissan agency estimated damages in the millions of pesos.

Oxxo stores in Salina Cruz and Tehuantepec were completely cleaned out of their merchandise, while municipal police offices and a patrol vehicle were set on fire in the latter city.

Ten people have been arrested so far in the isthmus.

Last night in the city of Oaxaca, thieves broke into a Coppel store located just a block away from the main square, broke windows and cleaned out the merchandise. Four Oxxo stores were also looted, while ATMs at a Banorte branch were destroyed and the exterior of a Bancomer branch sustained damages.

Source: El Universal (sp), Impacto (sp), NVI Noticias (sp)

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