"Lord Audi" during confrontation with police officer. Márquez: banned from driving for a year.

‘Lord Audi’ ordered to avoid bicycle lanes

Driver alleged to have struck bicyclist faces several criminal charges

The infamous “Lord Audi” has been instructed by a judge to stay away from bicycle lanes and the victim of an assault July 27, in which a bicyclist was struck by an Audi A4 in Del Valle, Mexico City.


Rafael Márquez Gasperin, the alleged driver of the Audi who earned the #LordAudi hashtag, faces charges of damage, robbery and preventing an official from carrying out his duties during a confrontation in which cyclist Ari Santillán was knocked to the ground.

Santillán called for help from a nearby police officer when the assault took place, but video shot by the cyclist showed a belligerent Márquez Gasperin shoving the officer and arguing before driving off in the Audi, sweeping away another bicycle that had been left in front of the car.

“This is Mexico, dude, got it?” shouted the young man at the official. “Call my dad, dude!”

When the accused appeared August 4 before the public prosecutor to make a declaration, he claimed he had fled the scene fearing for his personal safety and said he was prepared to make an agreement with the aggrieved cyclist.

Santillán rejected the offer, saying his objective was not the reparation of damages but to see justice done.

Márquez Gasperin was also ordered to stay away from witnesses of the incident, remain in Mexico and not drive a vehicle until the legal proceedings are over.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • PintorEnMexico

    Make him ride a bike everywhere.

  • G.b. Adams

    Jail that arrogant little puke…

  • Boy, there’s some easily ignored punishment. Ridiculous. Not even a fine?

    • Cam Nante

      He has yet to face the judge for the charges; he cannot drive until then and he could face three years in prison. If you check his facebook page you’ll also see that he’s being publically shamed, as is his family.

  • James Smith

    this jerk could be one of millions of pendejos we see on the streets every day of every major Mexican city. with that attitude in the usa he would not last a week, as we would just shoot the bastard.

    • Cam Nante

      That sounds like a ‘trumpian’ response.

      • Hooray, Trump!

        • Cam Nante

          No Felipe, if they shot every ‘bastard’ that flaunted his wealth, abused others with an attitude of entitlement, and disrespected anyone that questioned his offensive behaviour, Trump would be long dead.

      • James Smith

        thank you for the compliment.

        • Cam Nante

          Sent from my iPod

  • Nick

    Lord Audi must be related to the American “Affluenza” kid

  • Bud Gallagher

    Where is the “justice” in this slap on the wrist for what could well have been a fatal infraction of the law, followed by a totally irresponsible attitude AND assaulting a police officer. The simple laying on of the dude’s hands on the cop constitutes assault – even under Mexican laws. As a retired administrative law judge I would recommend a substantial fine, a month in jail, loss driver’s license for 6 months, payment to the cyclist for the replacement of the bike, and a written apology to the cyclist. An appropriate judgement not only must serve to smarten up the dude but also serve as a deterrent to others who would flaunt the laws of the land and ignoring common sense and decency.

  • PintorEnMexico
  • lang_eddy

    this young man needs a reality check….he should go to jail for the assault of the police officer, as well as a fine, a big fine….and the loss of his driver’s license for at least 2 years….than he can “Check with his dad…Dude”….