#LordPizza at a Little Caesar's restaurant in Ciudad Juárez. #LordPizza at a Little Caesar's restaurant in Ciudad Juárez.

‘Lord Pizza’ surfaces in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua

Enraged customer gets violent with employees at pizza outlet

A man so enraged over a pizza that he shouted and repeatedly shoved restaurant workers is the latest entrant into the echelons of Mexico’s hashtag nobility as yet another video of adults behaving badly went viral over the weekend.

José Fernando Vallejo Cervantes went to pick up a pizza a Little Caesar’s in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, on Friday. 

When he entered the store without a face mask the female cashier told him she could not serve him as masks are mandatory in the state. Vallejo, angered, went out to his car and returned wearing a mask, but says he was again denied service. 

Then he went out to his car once again, he says in his own explanation of Friday’s events, and had his friends enter the store to buy the pizza, but he says they, too, were denied service.

What happened next is a rather awe-inspiring display of rage as Vallejo loses his cool.

He starts screaming at the female employee and a male coworker, physically and verbally attacking them.

“Are you going to give me my pizza, yes or no, asshole?” Vallejo shouts at one of the employees as he steps behind the register and pushes him into the wall. “Bitch, you are going to pay for this!” he screams. “Bring me the gun!” he shouts at one of his friends.

The ordeal and the insults went on for at least two minutes until one of the employees agreed to sell Vallejo his pizza, and he left shouting expletives as he exited the restaurant.

“They were acting like cocksuckers and I wasn’t going to take it,” Vallejo explains in a video posted to his Twitter account, which has since been suspended. He claims that restaurant workers assaulted him with a rolling pin although that does not appear in the video.

Footage of Vallejo’s tantrum has been viewed 759,000 times and earned him the title of #LordPizza, joining #LadyPizza, who was baptized in June after a similar outburst at a Little Caesar’s restaurant in Naucalpan, state of México.

She, too, tried to buy a pizza without wearing a mask and exploded in a tirade of expletives, grabbing items near the cash register and throwing them at an employee who retreated into the kitchen, and kicking the counter so hard her shoe was knocked off.

The terms “Lord” and “Lady” are not a reference to royalty in Mexico, but rather an ironic designation earned by people who choose to humiliate others in spectacular ways. 

The first “Lady” in Mexico was born in 2011 when a woman caught screaming insults at a police officer in Polanco was dubbed #LadyPolanco.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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