The Passion Play is under way today in many towns and cities in Mexico. The Passion Play is under way today in many towns and cities in Mexico.

Lots of surveillance for annual Passion Play

New technologies provide security for the Iztapalapa event

The annual Easter Passion Play in Iztapalapa, Mexico City, has evolved over the years, but for today’s version there has been one significant change: there is more official surveillance of the event than ever before.


But it’s not necessarily because authorities are expecting trouble. In the words of borough chief Dione Anguiano, it’s because they have the technology.

From drones to a WhatsApp alert, security systems are such that there is a 30-second response time to whatever emergency, local authorities claim.

Video is being gathered by drones and 2,100 security cameras and sent to a C4 (Command, Control, Communications and Computer) center. The eight-kilometer route of the Passion Play, probably Mexico’s biggest, will be safeguarded by 10,000 Mexico City police, 1,100 investigative officers, 700 borough police, 800 personnel from Civil Protection and 5,000 borough staff.

“We are applying new technologies, organizing ourselves; reaction time and monitoring is more efficient,” Aguiano explained. “Our responsibility is to guarantee security.”

Some 2 million people are expected to turn out today for the play, now in its 174th year, in which more than 170 actors and 500 extras reenact — with variations — Jesus Christ’s trial, the subsequent procession to Calvary and his crucifixion.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    Just hope the Cartels drones don’t crash with the Authorities drones. As for Whatsapp……I have my hooker girlfriends on speed dial! Not to mention other necessities that I have delivered via Whatsapp.

    Modern Technology……….Love Silicon Valley and all my geek friends! Just stay away from the Synthetic @#$%.

    Jesus Christ would be soooo happy!