Target of thieves at Mexico City airport. Target of thieves at Mexico City airport.

Luggage theft up at Mexico City airport

Citizens' organization says there were 60 reports of robberies from passengers' bags

Theft from luggage at Mexico City International Airport increased by 25% in 2017, according to a local security-focused citizens’ group.


The Mexico City Consejo Ciudadano (CC), or Citizens’ Council, said there were 60 complaints of robberies of personal belongings at the airport last year compared to 48 in 2016.

Most of the complaints were related to thefts allegedly committed by staff of private security companies hired directly by airlines to inspect passengers’ bags after they have checked them in.

During the subsequent revisions, items including perfume, clothes, watches, jewelry, cash and bank cards were stolen last year, the CC said.

Security personnel working for Spanish airline Iberia were allegedly responsible for the highest number of thefts last year, with 17, followed by those employed by Mexican low-cost carrier VivaAerobus, who reportedly stole items from 15 suitcases.

Another Mexican budget airline, Volaris, was responsible for seven incidents of theft with the remainder spread among a number of other carriers.

In all cases, the airlines are legally responsible for compensating passengers for their losses.

The CC said that it has requested that airlines work to improve their hiring processes of both security companies and staff but added that it hadn’t received a positive response from them.

The crime generates a negative image for “the airport, the city and therefore the country,” the organization said.

Source: Publimetro (sp)

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  • Thieves went through my suitcase and stole half the contents while I was traveling from Mexico city to Cancun. The airlines will do nothing to help you with this.

  • mexitarrio

    how is this even news , ?? the amount of people that go through that airport and 60 ? that’s it ?

  • Mexicanbeachbum Robin

    I flew there last month, traveling on to Cancun, with my 2 friends, we had no issues, thank goodness, glad I am not a statistic, but this is good awakening

  • Greg Webb

    Only 60 in a year. Now that is fake news!

  • cruz_ctrl

    who puts valuables in checked baggage? dumb… watches, cash and bank cards?!? carry on, duh…

  • Gerald R Meyers

    “In all cases, the airlines are legally responsible for compensating passengers for their losses” never heard such a thing, wonder how you prove it? on the other hand the us customs is good at getting into your suit case without needing anything but their hands, had them take things from my suite case, they just put their hand in between the zipper if plastic and then zip it back up, they got two of my things but didn’t get the other two that was in my boots