Saturday in Tlacuitlapan where four alleged thieves were killed. Saturday in Tlacuitlapan where four alleged thieves were killed.

Lynching in Puebla leaves four dead

Seven men were allegedly robbing a home when residents intervened

Four men were killed Saturday in Puebla after citizens accused them of home and vehicle theft.


Residents of San José Tlacuitlapan in Tlacotepec de Benito Juárez said they witnessed seven men breaking into a home at noon and pursued them on foot before they attempted to flee in a stolen truck.

The truck’s owner and several others opened fire on the seven men, six of whom were able to flee.

The seventh man, later identified as Alejandro, 24, was apprehended by a group of residents and taken to the town’s Catholic church, where he was tied to a tree and beaten to death.

Residents shut off access to the town during the incident and prevented state police from entering until after 2:00pm.

An hour and a half later, authorities learned that five individuals, four with gunshot wounds, had been admitted to a local hospital.

San José Tlacuitlapan

The patients declared that they had travelled to Tlacuitlapan to rescue a relative who had been apprehended by local residents, who were threatening to lynch him, when they were attacked by gunfire.

Three of the five died later from their wounds.

Authorities confirmed later that the five men in the hospital were in fact among the gang of thieves.

The two survivors remain in hospital under guard.

Source: e-Consulta (sp)

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  • Who says all news is bad news?

  • Garry Montgomery

    Sounds like the U.S. in 40s and 50s

  • Dead Dog

    This is what the people of mexico need to do to get control of their country. Hang em’ high! ! !