Acapulco's new tunnel. Acapulco's new tunnel.

Macro-tunnel Mexico’s most costly highway

At 9 pesos per kilometer it costs three times more than second-place CDMX-La Marquesa

One of Mexico’s newest stretches of highway is the most expensive in the country to drive, with a cost per kilometer of nine pesos.


The 3.3-kilometer-long Acapulco macro-tunnel, one phase of which was officially opened on Monday, has a toll of 30 pesos.

Its toll is three times higher than Mexico’s second most expensive highway, the one linking Mexico City with La Marquesa in the State of México. Toll on the 21-kilometer highway is 76 pesos, or 3.62 pesos per kilometer.

Next up are:

• The Durango-Mazatlán freeway, providing access to beaches popular with residents in the northern states. It is 230 kilometers long and costs 580 pesos to drive from end to end, an average of 2.5 pesos per kilometer.

• Guadalajara-Jalostotitlán, which links the capital of Jalisco with the heart of the state’s Los Altos region. It’s 127 kilometers long and its tolls amount to 280 pesos, or 2.2 pesos per kilometer.

• Guadalajara-Tepic, which joins the Jalisco capital with that of Nayarit. Tolls on the 181-kilometer highway are 371 pesos; two pesos per kilometer.

• The Arco Norte, the Mexico City bypass that runs between Atlacomulco, State of México, and San Martín Texmelucan, Puebla. The 223-kilometer freeway costs 405 in total, or 1.8 pesos per kilometer.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    Government, and banksters, are the only two entities able to steal the same wealth more than once.

    Steal via taxes >> Leverage that up with additional theft (deposits and price-inflation) via bankster fiat-grift gov. bonds >> Steal even more via graft in the building of the road >> Charge the victims of the thefts to use the road built with the wealth stolen from them.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • MortimerSnerd

    It’s not fair to compare highway distances with the tolls charged… that tunel musta cost a bundle to build. They forget that little bypass south of Zhua, about 2km costs nearly the same but must have cost a fraction to build. Anyone who has traveled Acapulco in rush hour knows of the nightmare traffic congestion in that city. Toss in a drive by shooting or two and you could have gridlock that could last for an hour or two. I’ll gladly pay the $30 pesos to skip the hassle.

  • cooncats

    Toll roads discriminate against the less well off plus push dangerous, overloaded trucks onto mostly badly built and maintained libres. One would think with the high levels of income and VAT taxes in this country they could build and maintain the roads but when you have an environment of complete and total impunity and theft by politicians and their cronies, there just isn’t much left over for infrastructure or anything else for that matter.