A red-lored amazon parrot. A red-lored amazon parrot.

Man arrested with 244 endangered parrots

The 19-year-old was traveling on a bus in Chiapas with 9 boxes of protected birds

A young man was arrested last week after he was found traveling with 244 endangered parrots on a bus in Chiapas.


Luis Gustavo “N,” 18, was arrested for being in possession of the protected species in the municipality of Palenque, according to El Universal.

Justice officials seized the red-lored amazon parrots on the Villahermosa-Escarcega highway near the town of Nueva Esperanza after receiving an anonymous tip.

They had been stuffed into nine boxes found in the luggage compartment of the bus, and had been packed so tightly they could barely move.

They were described in one report as white-fronted parrots but the National Protected Areas Commission later confirmed they were the red-lored variety.

The species, native to tropical regions in Latin America, is considered endangered in Mexico and is protected under Mexican law.

The suspect was arrested on charges of trafficking wildlife and could face up to nine years in prison and a fine.

On Tuesday, the 244 birds were released into the wild at Palenque National Park.

Sources: El Universal (sp), El Heraldo de Chiapas (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    Mexican Equal Employment Opportunities (MEEO).

  • Alex Double

    Good . The guy should be punished as an example to those who think it is acceptable to capture animals in the wild and sell them into a life of fear, misuse! and misery!

  • jayne steiner

    I have had birds my whole life. I can imagine how horribly frightened these intelligent creatures were. This had a good ending but many are not so lucky.
    Some guy tried getting birds in the country by stuffing them in short pieces of plastic pipe with air holes drilled . They were in his luggage and all but one was dead when they were discovered. How sad for these beautiful birds to slowly suffocate so someone could make a few bucks.

  • kallen

    Mr. Gustavo was probably let go after he paid a $200 “fine”.