The mangroves before they were removed Saturday morning. The mangroves before they were removed Saturday morning.

Mangrove forest cut for Cancún project

Environmentalists failed to halt their removal to make way for Fonatur development

Efforts by environmental activists — including 113 children — failed to stop the clearing of some 40 hectares of mangrove forest in Cancún last weekend.


Heavy machinery went to work on the controversial Malecón Tajamar project at 2:00am Saturday and finished at dawn, all under the watchful eye of 130 state and municipal police officers.

“It’s not only the mangroves, there were thousands of animals living there,” local activist Aracely Domínguez told VICE News. “Most of them are now dead, and the ones who managed to survive the attack are now without food, water or even a place to live.”

The commercial and residential project is being developed by Fonatur, the federal tourism promotion fund, and will include 50,000 square meters of office and commercial space, condominiums and 3,600 homes.

The removal of mangrove forests is prohibited under federal law, but the Malecón Tajamar was approved before that law went into effect.

Last September, a court ordered a halt to the project after a group of 113 children filed for an injunction on the grounds that the environmental damage it would inflict would violate their right to a healthy environment.


But the judge also ordered the plaintiffs to pay 21 million (US $1.2 million) as compensation to third-party investors. The project resumed after no payment was made and the injunction became void.

“The right of children to a healthy environment costs 20 million pesos,” Domínguez said of the ruling.

Greenpeace spokesman Miguel Rivas said the next challenge is to ensure the development doesn’t proceed so the area can regenerate.

A Cancún judge yesterday ordered another injunction against activity on the site until the remaining animals can be removed.

Source: Milenio (sp), VICE News (en)

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  • PintorEnMexico

    Welcome to Florida…

  • Despite 2015 now being the hottest year on record, it seems as though corporations are proceeding as if climate change is not real. Natural spaces need to preserved to slow down the impact,but nothing seems able to stop the corporate lust for quarterly earnings. Why destroy this mangrove forest? Because they can.

    • TioDon

      It’s not real……man, you’ve really bought into the whole scam, haven’t you?

      • The Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified

        are you brainwashed?

      • TioDon … Science does not conform to our hopes and dreams, nor does it conform to our politics. If my religious or political leader said that the law of gravity was some hoax perpetrated by godless communists, and then I stepped off a 20 story building, I would still die. Science doesn’t care what my political or religious leaders say.

        Climate scientists live with us on planet earth. Many of them are married and have children. They have hopes and dreams for the future too. They don’t want climate change to happen as it will cause a serious disruption of their lives too. They don’t publish what they want; they publish what the data indicates.

        So if you reply to this, please explain how 97% of scientists could arrive at nearly identical conclusions and all be apart of an elaborate conspiracy and how those 3% of scientists who disagree and receive their funding from carbon emitting industries are correct (even though their conclusions are not corroborated by their peers).

        • TioDon

          How about a source for this “97%” nonsense?

          • Climate NASA gov scientific consensus

          • Now try answering the question

          • TioDon

            Lame and not really a credible source. Just another part of the scam. ” Don’t forget, stay vague but say things like they’re true and everyone agrees”.

          • Seriously, that’s the best you can do? You argue like a lawyer and an inept lawyer at that. You have said nothing of substance. All you do is ask questions in a disrespectful way without providing a shred of fact. Your argument seeks only to create reasonable doubt. Unless you actually say anything substantive, I am done responding to you. NASA has some of the best scientific minds working for and with them. TioDon please address your credential or cite sources suggest that you should be believed over the combined intellect of NASA and the Union of Concerned Scientists and Exxon’s own research that was concealed by Exxon (the senior scientist James F. Black addressed this fact in 1977). You are all smoke and mirrors, lacking any substantive argument, seeking to reinforce doubt with your comforting lies.

      • PintorEnMexico

        And the world is flat and made in 6 days and smoking doesn’t cause cancer, right unc?

        • TioDon

          no, the world isn’t flat; we have proof of that. I don’t know if it was made is 6 days; do you have proof that it wasn’t….or was? Yes smoking does cause cancer; we have proof of that. We don’t have proof that global warming is caused by man. Where is your proof?

          • PintorEnMexico

            Before the law suits started by Washington AG Gregoire, there was as much scientific agreement about smoking and lung cancer as there is about human-caused climate change. The tobacco industry mounted a disinformation campaign that delayed the inevitable. People like you said, no proof, smoke on…Climate deniers use the same tactics, but since the harm is done to the global atmosphere, the deniers have the advantage of the fact that there is no jurisdiction that can bring them to court. I wonder how many deniers killed by the ever increasing amplitude of storms and floods thought, Oh shit, maybe they were right”

            As far as age of the earth, study the matter as Keith Barger suggests, rather than depending on your book of fairy tales otherwise know as the bible/quran. Try geology, physics, and paleontology for starters. Jeez, such ignorance…

      • kallen

        TioDon, don’t write anything or open your mouth and people will only posit that you are ignorant.

  • Susan de Courcy


  • kallen

    Mexico is sooooo freaking clueless.