Navy band performs Wednesday in Veracruz. Navy band performs Wednesday in Veracruz.

Marines out in force — in form of a flash mob

Navy musicians offer surprise entertainment in city of Veracruz, Boca del Río

It’s a peaceful Wednesday evening in the historic center of the port city of Veracruz. Residents and visitors are enjoying the ambiance of the 1857 Plaza de la Constitución, strolling through the square or standing about with friends and family.

Until the sound of a clarinet is heard to one side of the zócalo.

The crowd’s attention is slowly but steadily drawn towards the music. It is coming from a lone musician, dressed in a white uniform, passing through the zócalo and playing the opening strains of Cielito Lindo, the iconic Mexican “Ay, ay, ay ay song.”

People stop, heads turn and curious looks form on the faces of people young and old.

Twenty seconds later, another instrument joins in. It is a piccolo, played by a woman, also dressed in a white uniform, approaching from the other side of the square.

More musicians appear and a minute after the first notes sounded the music is coming from a full-blown orchestra: it is the Symphonic Band of the Mexican Navy and the event is a flash mob.

Under a banner that declared, “We are Navy, we are culture, we are music, we are made in Mexico,” the Marines gave one of two flash mob performances, the other in Boca del Río where the Navy Mariachi band played a medley of Mexican tunes.

Both events brought smiles to the faces of onlookers, an ovation at their conclusion and a happy a note on which to end the day.

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Navy flash mob in Veracruz . . .

. . . and in Boca del Río

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