Trucks purchase discount fuel on the Mexico City-Puebla freeway Trucks purchase discount fuel on the Mexico City-Puebla freeway. reforma

Market for stolen fuel on Mexico-Puebla

Vendors ply their trade on the side of the freeway, selling to transport trucks

Strengthening efforts to curb pipeline theft in Puebla doesn’t appear to include preventing the sale of stolen fuel on the Mexico City-Puebla highway.


Staff from the Reforma newspaper checked out the highway on Tuesday and again yesterday and found no shortage of men with containers of stolen fuel, called huachicol, sitting at the roadside and waiting for customers.

Nor was there a shortage of the latter, mostly transport trucks.

Much of the activity takes place on both sides of the freeway near Santa Rita Tlahuapan, where the sellers, one onlooker observed, are “very brazen.”

“I say the authorities are protecting them, because everyone here knows they’re selling on the roadside. Everyone knows, except the police, who don’t arrest them.”

Officials and state police say Tlahuapan is where most of the fuel stolen from pipelines in San Matías Tlalancaleca and San Martín Texmelucan is sold.

Following a violent clash between security forces and pipeline thieves in Palmarito on May 3, authorities announced they would step up efforts to halt the crime.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    Looks like the “search” for Duarte uncovered instead an enterprising group of folks recouping a little of what the tyranny stole from them.

    Or put another way: Would such folks be risking what they’re risking if they hadn’t been impoverished by the plundering and education destroying tyranny?

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • David Nichols

      Sadly, the answer is Yes…there have always been criminals, regardless of their economic situation or education willing to risk jail for easy money…
      In this case, it doesn’t appear that these thieves are facing much risk…
      As long as the powers that be get their mordida, they have no fear of arrest…

  • Güerito

    7 pesos a liter is the going rate with the huachicoleros, less than half the price at Pemex stations. The hauchicoleros sell the gas at a price closer to the US average than does Pemex. They’ve eliminated the (corrupt) middle man.