Jaramillo in 2012, left, and this week, following his arrest. Jaramillo in 2012, left, and this week, following his arrest.

Massacre suspect dies two days after arrest

He was believed responsible for the 2010 massacre of 72 migrants in Tamaulipas

The suspect arrested this week in connection with a massacre in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, in 2010 spent only two days behind bars. Martiniano de Jesús Jaramillo Silva, 56, died in hospital early Thursday.


The regional leader of the Los Zetas Vieja Escuela criminal cell in Tamaulipas, whom authorities had long believed was dead, was detained Tuesday in a Ciudad Victoria hospital, and subsequently transferred to a detention facility in Mexico City.

Jaramillo was later admitted to the Torre Médica hospital with acute inflammation of the pancreas but died from acute pancreatitis, authorities said.

The Mexico City Attorney General’s office is investigating the death.

After believing for many years that Jaramillo was dead, authorities discovered he was not only alive but operating the a Zetas in several places in Tamaulipas, including Las Norias, Cruillas, Matamoros, Reynosa and Valle Hermoso.

He is believed to have planned and directed the kidnapping and execution of 72 Central and South American migrants in 2010 in San Fernando, which led to the discovery of hundreds more such executions.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • Beau

    This coward knew what was about to happen to him in jail. He did himself….

  • lang_eddy

    burn him at the stake in the central plazza…he deserves nothing else.

  • Raphael Rodriguez

    que bueno para la chingada y contando.

  • You can`t commit suicide by inflamating your own pancreas. Come on – he was kicked to death by the police or other prisoners. – A kinder death than he deserved.

  • DreadFool

    matasanos at work