tlatlaya soldiers Four of the soldiers charged in the Tlatlaya case. All are now free. efe

Massacre suspects have all been freed

Three were released yesterday for lack of evidence in the Tlatlaya case

The last of the eight suspects in what has been dubbed the Tlatlaya massacre have been released from jail after judges decided there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

The three soldiers, the only ones to be charged in civilian court, were among eight arrested after what was initially described by the Army as a shootout between soldiers on routine patrol and members of a crime gang in Tlatlaya, State of México, in June 2014.

The story changed after journalists found little evidence of a shootout at the warehouse in which 22 civilians died. Further investigation by human rights officials and evidence given by witnesses revealed that at least a dozen of the victims had actually been executed and the Army had attempted a cover-up.

Four of the soldiers arrested in the case, whose charges were the improper exercise of public service and concealment, were released last October after a federal judge ruled there had been procedural faults by the Attorney General’s office.

The three released yesterday had been charged with homicide, abuse of authority and tampering with the crime scene.

The Attorney General’s office said yesterday it believed the evidence against the three had been sufficient to proceed.

Of the eight suspects only one was convicted in connection with the case and has since served a one-year sentence for disobedience.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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