Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Max the little looter brings some levity

Viral stardom can be found in the strangest places. The latest star to rise to viral fame was photographed at the looting last week of a Chetumal supermarket, caught red-handed by the photographer with the loot held firmly — in its jaws.

And so began fame for Max, not necessarily a street dog, but one with some street smarts.

It was while the local supermarket Dunosusa was being looted in one of the many gas price riots throughout the country that the smallish dog seized the opportunity to nab a bag of chips, his favorite snack.

A photojournalist from a local news website captured the dog as it fled the scene of the crime, and the rest, as is wont to happen these days, was immediate internet history.

Max’s picture was shared on Facebook, where he was promptly nicknamed el perro saqueadorcito, or the little looter dog.

Because no internet story is over until all the angles are thoroughly scrutinized, Max’s family was soon identified and interviewed.

“Max has a home but he likes to go out on the streets nearby,” said proud owner Jimmy Sosa Casanova, who expressed astonishment over the power of social networks: the story of the little looter transcended the state of Quintana Roo and offered some levity in the midst of the tense days of protests gone violent.

“You don’t know the number of people that have sought us out because they want to know Max and give him gifts. We’re very happy,” said Sosa.

“The dog likes to clown around; he didn’t mind the sirens and people running around, and he got in the middle of the melee where he found a bag of Sabritas chips among the stuff thrown on the floor,” said the taxi driver and radio show host.

“We thank the whole country for the affection they have shown to our dog. I think he is now the dog of all Mexico.”

Most looters are not normally well regarded after the fact, but Max was rewarded by the very store he stole the chips from. Not only did he get a case of his favorite snack from Dunosusa, but a 25-kilogram bag of dog food, too.

A representative of the regional chain of supermarkets told the newspaper El Universal that they appreciated the good humor that Max brought during a difficult time.

While Max ought to be feeling good about the attention and gifts, he is looking good, too. Another gift was a free one-year membership to a local pet salon.

After the little looter received his first shower and haircut, Sosa exclaimed that everyone in his family was “very happy with his new image, they left him more handsome.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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