homicide victim There are three of these every hour.

May homicide number highest ever recorded

If the trend continues, this will be the worst year on record

Homicide numbers are in for the month of May and they are not good.


The National Public Security System reports 2,186 cases of intentional homicide during the month, which makes it the worst in 20 years.

The number is the highest since 1997 when the SESNSP began compiling the figures, and represents three assassinations in Mexico every hour.

The next worst month recorded was May 2011 with 2,131 cases during a year that is regarded as the worst in the country’s history.

But this year could well take its place, if the trend continues.

Intentional homicide cases in the first five months totaled 9,916, up nearly 5% over the 9,466 recorded during the same period in 2011, and 29.4% higher than the first five months of 2016.


The May figures were up over those of April in 17 states. Among them were Chihuahua, from 100 to 140; Colima, from 33 to 52; Mexico City, 91 to 103; Guerrero, 189 to 216; Nuevo León, 54 to 75; San Luis Potosí, 24 to 44; Tamaulipas, 45 to 72; and Veracruz, 116 to 137.

Kidnapping has also risen, but not to the same extent. There were 80 cases opened in May, up 8% over April. There have been 484 cases opened in the first five months, 12.8% more than the same period last year.

New security strategies and deployments of the armed forces have done nothing to improve the numbers so far, although recognition appears to be growing that impunity is a big obstacle to reversing the trend.

In August President Enrique Peña Nieto announced a new strategy that would focus on the 50 municipalities in which 42% of homicides had been registered through crime prevention measures and containment of criminal elements by security forces.

Another plan early this year initiated crime prevention measures in 50 municipalities with high poverty levels and economic inequality.

Source: Reforma (sp), El Universal (sp)

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  • csb4546

    Can someone please explain the legal difference between “intentional” and “unintentional” homicide in Mexico?
    And am I correct to assume that anyone who “disappears” cannot be included in a homicide count?

    • Güerito

      Like everywhere, an unintentional homicide is where someone is killed without an intent to kill.

      • csb4546

        I’m trying to ascertain whether these two categories might be manipulated when reporting homicides – to help lower official Mexican “intentional” murder counts.

        • Güerito

          The bigger concern is that some homicides are not recorded at all in official records. It’s not so much that a intentional murder is converted into something else.

      • csb4546

        Manslaughter in the US?

    • If Pepe is drunk and runs you over because he doesn’t see you, and you die, that’s unintentional homicide.

      If Carlos decides to kill you because you’re a gringo, and he cuts your throat while Chuy films it on his cellphone, that’s intentional homicide.

      • csb4546

        If a cartel captive’s neck accidentally collides with a chain saw – which category do we use?
        We see a body, a head, and a chainsaw – but who knows what really happened – maybe suicide?
        I’ll bet the homicide rates in Mexico are vastly reduced by some “creative” use of legal terminology.

  • JayJohnson

    How’s that CIA profit boosting “war on drugs” progressing?!

  • Beau

    Mexico is at war and no one is paying attention.

    • michael

      No one is paying attention? Stop acting so bloody dumb. Such a wacko statement. You MUST be a Trump supporter.

      • ss

        Idiot. Conceal and carry is the only way out. When Mexicans can defend themselves from Cartel criminals it will change . Liberal turd.

        • michael

          More guns have never made a society safer. Name on?
          Plus in Mexico no one has a gun. Apparently you never fired a handgun or were in the military. You do not want a bunch of people with handguns thinking they are in a movie and can shoot straight.Contrary to the movies you have to practice a lot to be a good shot with a handgun. Plus understand it is easy to shoot at somebody, it is a lot harder when they are shooting at you. But you were never in the military nor probably ever fired a weapon. I love you conservatives old white males with easy answeers

          • csb4546

            As soon as you’re pistol whipped and stabbed before being shot and robbed, you’ll change your tune. Liberals always become gun owners after they become victims.

          • Dirk William

            michael.. “Plus in Mexico no one has a gun. ” Seriously? You must be blind, deaf, and dumb.. Perhaps you meant to say, “No Sheeple has a gun?” HaHa.. Idiot!

      • Beau

        That’s right- No one is paying attention to the war next door. And no, I’m not a Trump bootlicker, to the contrary, that lying POS is not going to know what to do when the next Mexican civil war explode.

        • michael

          Dude, I live in Mexico there is no civil war coming. The civil war coming is in the USA. You have the rebel conservatives thinking they can go back to an America of 1962, or is that 1862 and win the war. You know there are more guns in the USA than ALL THE OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD COMBINED. Do you feel safe now with all those guns?

  • Sherry Foken

    This country has so much to offer to the world. I don’t understand how these horrific things continue to be allowed to happen. I live both on mainland of Mexico and the Baja California Sur and hope that the government can become part of the solution and not the problem.

    • csb4546

      Yes, a country that could be the closest thing to paradise is becoming a nightmare of lost potential.
      It’s very sad.

    • MortimerSnerd

      Two words.. ‘IllegalDrugs’ feeding the insatiable appetite for them in the USA and Canada and endemic ‘corruption’…. that’s why these horrific things happen.