Pacula Mayor González, the 30th mayor to die since late 2012. Pacula Mayor González, the 30th mayor to die since late 2012.

Mayor, candidate assassinated in Hidalgo, México state

Two politicians were assassinated in two states this week as pre-election violence continues.

In Hidalgo, the mayor of Pacula was attacked Thursday by a man on a motorcycle in the town of Jiliapa. Alejandro González Ramos was shot three times.

He was taken to a local hospital where he later died.

His death brings to 30 the number of sitting mayors who have been murdered since President Enrique Peña Nieto took office in December 2012, according to the National Mayors’ Association.

When elected and former mayors are taken into account, there have been at least 75 killed during the same period.

In the second incident of the week, the Morena party candidate for mayor of Tenango del Aire, state of México, was found dead in Ixtapaluca.

Adiel Zermann Miguel, 39, had been reported missing when authorities found his body.

He was found lying half-naked in the street with his hands tied. Investigators said he had been tortured.

Zermann had previously served a term as mayor between 2013 and 2015.

Questioned about the extent of violence against politicians, an analyst told the news website Sin Embargo that “it is already too late to contain the violence in this electoral process.”

Mayoralty candidate Zermann.
Mayoralty candidate Zermann.

Virgilio Bravo Peralta, a member of the International Institute for Law and Jurisprudence Studies, said the only option would be to assign bodyguards to all 3,226 candidates running for office.

“Violence in the country is about to get out of control . . . [it] will hardly stop, because delinquency permeates the institutions, not only the police but political ones too. If this phenomenon is not contained, it will only gain ground,” Bravo said.

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