Ex-mayor Ramírez and his successor, Yescas. Ex-mayor Ramírez and his successor, Yescas.

‘Mayor didn’t steal a little, he stole it all’

Former Nayarit mayor accused of embezzling millions of pesos

The mayor of San Blas, Nayarit, stole more than just a little, his successor has charged.


Hilario “Layín” Ramírez Villanueva won election in 2014 after admitting during a campaign speech that he “only stole a little bit” during a previous term as mayor of the coastal municipality that lies 160 kilometers north of Puerto Vallarta.

This week, Candy Yescas Blancas, who was sworn in as the new mayor of San Blas two weeks ago, charged that there were irregularities in spending in which millions of pesos were “diverted directly from a municipal account to one in Hilario Villanueva Ramírez’s name.”

“He didn’t just steal a little, he stole it all,” she charged.

The mayor said the total of the funds embezzled will be determined following the completion of an audit after which legal action will be taken.

Among the problems detected so far, she said, are money owing to municipal staff salaries and suppliers.


” . . . I think the municipality is bankrupt; they didn’t pay salaries and yesterday [the Federal Electricity Commission] wanted to cut off our power, a move that would have left people without potable water,” the mayor said.

Yescas accused Ramírez of attempting to avoid responsibility for the situation by claiming he had left the mayor’s office for over six months to run in the election for governor.

“. . . his excuse is pathetic. He left an acting mayor in his place that played along . . . as well as other municipal staff.”

She also accused Ramírez of stealing municipal vehicles and machinery and covering up the theft by stripping them down.

The former mayor, known for big and lavish parties, placed fourth in the election for state governor in June, winning just 10% of the vote. He ran as an independent candidate.

His declaration that he only stole a little bit made international headlines at the time.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    I want to party with Hilario “Layín” Ramírez Villanueva!

  • jdwfinger

    and yet this person is still ……

  • MortimerSnerd

    Twice I have been robbed by criminals posing as transito cops, demanding huge ‘fines’ to instantly be paid at a certain office for alleged fictitious offenses. This ‘I only stole a little’ criminal mayor operates an ongoing criminal extortion ring that preys on passing motorists and tourists alike. There can be no doubt that the State authorities are aware of this extortion ring yet for years it has continued to operate. It’s time for feds to step in and clean house, and until that happens… stay the heck away from San Blas or you could become these criminals next victim.