Mayor Salazar Guerrero. Mayor Salazar Guerrero.

Mayor to criminals: leave dead elsewhere

Crime gangs urged to take responsibility for bodies of their victims

If you’re going to kill people dispose of the bodies somewhere else, was the message a Morelos mayor had yesterday for criminal gangs operating in the southern region of the state.


David Salazar Guerrero released a statement on video deploring the use of the municipality of Tlaltizapán as a dumping ground for murder victims — which he also likened to garbage — from other communities.

“It’s a shame that they come and leave bodies that do not belong to us . . . everyone should be responsible for their own dead. If they kill them in their own towns they should take responsibility for them there and not bring them to Tlaltizapán because, first, the dead are not from here and second, the people of Tlaltizapán are not killing them . . . of that I am certain.”

He called on the murderers “to assume responsibility” for their actions. “If they kill people in municipality x they should leave them there, they should bury them there and not turn them into garbage for our municipality . . . .”

Salazar said Tlaltizapán is an attractive community with history and tradition and ought not be tarnished.

The community of about 50,000 people is located within a region that has been affected by warring crime gangs for the last five years.


It is also just a dozen kilometers from Jojutla, where authorities revealed recently that at least 39 bodies had been buried illegally in a local cemetery by officials in the state prosecutor’s office.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • Miguel

    Wow.. How is this person a mayor?? No education must be a plus to be a mayor!! This is not just your local city problem “mayor”!! This is an issue that needs to be solve. Not pushed to another city. Just because your killer wasn’t born in your city, doesn’t give you the right to not help… The community need to recall this pendejo!!

  • bob

    Oh, I guess that’s the solution to all this violence in Mexico. Great job, alcalde.

  • Happygirl

    The mayor’s words give new meaning to “not in my backyard”. I hope his words were only spoken from frustration and anger…no one not you or me would like to find and have to deal with these dead bodies…I can just imagine the state they were in. Think about your town becoming a dumping ground, think about what people would think about your home…and you had nothing to do with any of it. In Mexico life is cheap, the police can not and will not fix the problem. The mayor forgets that these were once someone’s children, husband or wife…his words were cold and heartless but I can understand his frustration.