Mazatlán: visitor numbers are up. Mazatlán: visitor numbers are up.

Mazatlán transformed: it ‘needed a shake-up’

Governor says beach destination is getting a new urban image

The Pacific coast city of Mazatlán is undergoing a much-needed transformation, according to the Sinaloa state governor, one that will include hosting Mexico’s premier tourism event in 2018.


Quirino Ordaz Coppel made the observation at a lead-up tourism industry event yesterday where he also handed out awards to 13 commercial and media partners in recognition of their work to promote and support the destination.

“You are watching the transformation that Mazatlán is undergoing because we’re interested in giving a new face, a new urban image [to the city] because it needed a real shake-up,” he said.

Ordaz added that the city’s mayor and residents were also key contributors to the process.

He told the dozens of tourism operators and promoters present that he looked forward to seeing them again next year at Mexico’s most important tourism event, the Tianguis Turístico that will be held in Mazatlán from April 16 to 19.

International tourism to the destination is up over 8% this year, according to state Tourism Secretary Marco Antonio Garcia, and more than half a million tourists visited the destination during the summer period, a 13% increase over last year’s figures.

More international direct flights are arriving in the city, especially on a seasonal basis, and several new hotels are currently under construction including Courtyard by Marriott, Radisson Park Inn and an Ibis hotel, according to the Mazatlán Tourist Board.


The city’s historic center is also experiencing a resurgence and some visitors are including visits to the state’s magical towns on their itineraries.

The former CEO of the Mexican Tourism Board agreed with the governor’s remarks, adding that it was something that was long needed in the port city that is sometimes referred to as the Pearl of the Pacific.

“This is an admirable story that we need to communicate to the whole world and through you, who are our commercial partners [and] our allies, we ask that you help us communicate this great event that is happening in Mazatlán,” Rodolfo López Negrete said.

The director of Best Day Travel, which won an award for its internet-based travel agency services, said the new face of Mazatlán made it capable of competing against any other tourism destination in the country, adding that the beach city had become one of the company’s top sellers.

“. . . Today it’s practically at the same level as Los Cabos,” Julián Balbuena said.

Source: Milenio (sp), PR Web (en)

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  • S L Andrew Palms

    I have a place in Mazatlan and have noticed all the money and effort being put into it. I live on Ice Box Hill overlooking Centro and the Distric Historical. It’s a wonderful place.

  • Tim Bambam

    To bad it was built buy the Sinaloa Drug Cartel. I have a hard enough time not supporting the Cartels when I am in Puerto Vallarta, it would be practically impossible in Matazalan.

    • Sheryl Gamble

      This is an unfair and untrue comment… probably have never been in Mazatlan!

      • Tim Bambam

        I have traveled Mexico extensively. I remember when Americans would only go to the Yucatan Peninsula for the Baja 1000. But slowly areas were turned into what I refer to is Americanized Mexico with all of the chain restaurants and shopping malls. Wal-Mart’s and all that type of stuff. It’s to bad because it was a beautiful all natural area with small villages along the coasts. But no more as the Cartels built hotels and restaurants to take back their economy it was only a matter of time before this area to become ripe for the picking. Plenty of Americans to sell drugs to. And plenty of Americans who go there because they know the cocaine is good and cheap and the best and purest heroin us now flowing freely.
        I still travel to Mexico for a month or 2 a year depending on my schedule. I spend my time in Puerto Vallarta which happens to be the safest city in Mexico for now. As anyone know who has traveled a bit in Mexico thing can change very quickly. I also take motorcycle tours from Puerto Vallarta to the Cooper mountains.
        So yes I have been there.

        • Michael Veselik

          I call bull shit on this. Any bike rider and/or tourist knows that the Baja 1000 is not in the Yucatan. I don’t think you have been anywhere in Mexico.

    • WestCoastHwy

      I’m not prejudiced with who my customers are and I do have to say that SDC are economically responsible. They even are able to get those backroom deals approved within minutes instead of months. Don’t bit the hand that feeds you is what my poppy always said.

  • Lloyd Le Blanc

    Returning at the end of December and looking forward to seeing the changes. The glimpses so far have looked really good despite any negative comments.Cities need occasional renewal so as not to end up looking very tired.
    After all Mazatlan is a tourist city.

  • Sheryl Gamble

    I have lived and worked in Mazatlan for nearly 33 years, full time….I have never seen so many exciting and wonderful changes in MY city! WOW!

  • WestCoastHwy

    As with most of, if not all things Mexican, the finer details are not being addressed. Not to be a killjoy but, concrete vault covers of all kind are broken and dangerously exposed, litter is always present include in the smells, public green areas are inconsistently maintained, as are street signs, sidewalks, and just the overall aesthetics. I just finished a project there and have had to have most of what I needed shipped as most materials are antiquated or just too expensive. Be aware of contractor from Durango though, there are very good ones but sorry to say, some are criminal. I give Mazatlan an “A” for effort but fear the next Governor, Coppel is a higher force in Mexico, will be hard to out do.