Trump: out of control on Twitter. Trump: out of control on Twitter.

Men close to Trump met business leaders

Private meeting spurred by Trump's desire to increase trade, writes business columnist

There are three Donald Trumps: the candidate, the president-elect and the soon-to-be-president of the United States.

That information, along with the revelation that the outspoken Trump cannot control his behavior on Twitter, came out of a private and all-but-secret meeting in Mexico City last Wednesday between “the three men closest to Trump” and a group of prominent Mexican businessmen.

The report itself appeared yesterday in a column by El Financiero business writer Carlos Mota, who wrote that the purpose of the visit was to establish contact with the Mexican business community and create a strong relationship.

Mota described a personal and almost amicable dinner meeting, at which representatives of the Mexican government were absent. Scheduled to last one and a half hours, the meeting went for six.

“During the encounter Trump’s advisers revealed that the president-elect’s intention was to increase trade flows with Mexico,” wrote Mota in an op-ed published yesterday by the newspaper El Financiero.

This information reportedly left the Mexican businessmen feeling more relaxed and with higher hopes for the future, so much so that they concluded the future might be better under the new Republican president than what it was under the Democrat.

The most prominent businessman in attendance calculated that if Trump creates 25 million new jobs in a decade, as he has promised, a good fraction of those jobs would have to go to Mexicans given the low unemployment rate in the United States.

“I understand those at the table extended their congratulations for the calculation,” wrote Mota.

Evidently there was an additional purpose to the Americans’ visit.

Trump’s envoys requested a list of American business people with close ties to their Mexican counterparts to aid in the search for an ambassador to Mexico.

As for Trump’s Twitter behavior, his envoys do not think it is serious because what he tweets is simply a knee-jerk reaction.

The rapport at the meeting was such that an invitation was extended to the Mexican businessmen to visit one of Trump’s tourist resorts in the state of Florida come January, Mota wrote.

Source: El Financiero (sp)

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