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Mexican filmmaker wins Cannes award

Producer-director Michel Franco wins award for best screenplay

Mexican film director and producer Michel Franco was awarded at the Cannes Film Festival on the weekend with best screenplay for his film Chronic.

It was the second Cannes award for Franco, 35, who received the Un Certain Award in 2012 for his film, After Lucía.

During the presentation of the award on Sunday, the filmmaker said Chronic was born in Cannes three years ago when he received the Un Certain Award from actor Tim Roth. When Franco said he was working on a script about a female nurse working in palliative care, Roth told Franco that if he changed the nurse to a man he would like to do the film.

The story was inspired by the nurse who had looked after Franco’s grandmother in the months before her death. His intention with the film was to offer a portrait of the final moments of a person’s life and the work of caregivers, who “have a relationship with those who are sick that family members never have.”

In an interview with CNN, Franco spoke about the state of the film industry in Mexico, which he described as “fragile.” He said few countries have as many talented writers as Mexico, but state support is necessary to encourage the industry to develop.

The filmmaker’s biggest job is getting his film out before the public, Franco said, suggesting that Mexico ought to establish regulations that require the screening of domestic films as France and other countries have done.

This year was the third time that Franco has been to Cannes. His first film, Daniel & Ana, a 2009 drama-thriller, premiered at the festival in 2009.

Source: CNNExpansión (sp)

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