Where are the chips? This year's Super Bowl commercial for avocados. Where are the chips? This year's Super Bowl commercial for avocados.

MX breaks record for avocado production

As harvest figures are announced, this year's Super Bowl commercial released

Mexico continues to lead the world in avocado production with a record harvest of 1.997 million tonnes last year.

The numbers were announced just as consumers in the United States get set to snack on a few tonnes of guacamole, a favorite on Super Bowl Sunday, which is coming up this weekend.

According to the Agriculture Secretariat (Sagarpa), the Mexican avocado is one of the country’s most successful export products. Mexico’s share of international avocado exports reached 45.95% last year.

Sagarpa said demand for the fruit increased in 26 countries. 

From 2013 to 2016 average annual sales were US $740 million, with the number increasing 15.2% annually.

The main destinations for the product include the United States (76.8 percent of exports), Japan (7%), Canada (6.7%), Spain (1.7%), France (1.7%) and the Netherlands (1.6%).

In some countries, Mexican avocados represent a large percentage of total consumption. In Guatemala, for example, they make up close to 100%, while in Canada 95% of all avocados eaten are from Mexico.

The figure is 92.72% in Japan, 91.32% in the United States and 90.23% in El Salvador.

The growth in Mexico’s avocado production has been accompanied by more aggressive marketing, particularly in the U.S. and especially during the Super Bowl game. This year will be no different.

Avocados From Mexico, the brand created by producers and exporters, will run a commercial during the game for the fourth year in a row. As in previous years, the concept is intended to be fun and to leave people laughing.

This year’s version depicts a domed utopian paradise called GuacWorld where thing fall apart when someone observes that the chips to accompany the guacamole are outside the dome. Calm is restored when the world’s leader points out that guacamole can be served on many other dishes as well.

Source: Milenio (sp), USA Today (en)

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