HIV testing in Mexico City this week. HIV testing in Mexico City this week.

Mexico City claims HIV testing record

The city conducted 3,850 tests in an eight-hour period

The speed with which HIV testing was carried out in Mexico City Wednesday was enough to win another world record for Mexico, according to city officials.

The city conducted 3,850 tests in an eight-hour period, enough to surpass the previous record of 3,383 tests conducted in 2014 in Ethiopia.

Held the day before World AIDS Day, the event was intended to raise awareness about AIDS and human immunodeficiency virus.

Tests were carried out at 15 testing sites that were opened for that purpose and in 220 health centers, all of which remained open through yesterday. The local health authority expected to complete 5,000 rapid HIV tests by the time they were done.

The program is part of a global United Nations initiative to end the AIDS epidemic.

Another initiative undertaken by Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera included opening the city’s second specialized AIDS clinic in Iztapalapa, the borough with the largest population.

The city also intends to conduct early HIV diagnostic programs, provide treatment to infected people and offer specialized care to HIV-positive pregnant women in order to avoid the infection of their children.

Mexico City’s actions against AIDS also include testing for other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), promoting the use of condoms and distributing them, offering counsel to victims of sexual violence that have been exposed to the virus, and making pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) available to people at very high risk of being infected of HIV.

The city claimed this week that the number of tests achieved on Wednesday had earned it a Guinness World Record but several searches of the Guinness website turned up no evidence that such a record exists.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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